Stuff to do on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for couples, celebrated on February 14th every year. While typically the guys are tasked with surprising their partners, there are no hard and fast rules and anyone can make efforts to celebrate a memorable Valentine’s Day with loved ones.


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    Home-cooked meal

    You can cook a meal for your partner at home and plan a romantic dinner. However, make sure you work on a menu your partner likes. You can also bake a heart-shaped cake on the side, and to give the proceedings  a romantic look, turn off the lights and have a candle-light dinner.

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    Get a special gift

    Your partner will naturally expect you to gift him/her something really nice. While chocolates and flowers are customary, you should also get a small but special gift, if you can afford it. Remember, the best gifts are the ones which are the most useful for the recipient.

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    Make a movie plan

    Going together to a watch a movie is another great idea for Valentine's Day. If you don't want the movie to take up all your time, you can start Valentine's Day by going for a midnight show on the 13th of February and enjoy a nice movie with your significant other.

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    Play board and card games

    The old school board games are also a good idea to spend time together and get a chance to bond with your partner. If the two of you are into words, you can always play scrabble, otherwise you can set up a poker table and start a high-stakes game!

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    Write love letters and notes

    Writing letters has gone out of fashion, but can still be a very touching gesture on your part. In order to stand apart from all the other suitors, you might want to put pen to paper and write down a heart-felt love letter for your beloved. Leaving small cute love notes around the house is also a good idea to add some romance to the day.

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    Play romantic music

    You can also add a touch of love and music to your surroundings by playing your favorite romantic playlist. Just select songs which both you and your partner like and play them in the background of your dinner or lunch date at home. You can also play these songs early in the morning to wake up your partner.

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