Valentine’s Day Corporate Gifts for Staff Appreciation

Staff members are the backbone of every company and it is not possible to run an organization without dedicated employees. Therefore, the relationship between employers and employees has great importance in the corporate world. If you are getting the desired output from your employees, you should not forget to recognize your staff’s contributions towards the company’s success.

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you have a great opportunity to present your staff with gifts of appreciation and make the day more special for everyone. Valentine’s Day is not only about romantic love but also care and affection for the people who matter in your life, personal and professional. Here are a few ideas to make your employees feel special this Valentine’s Day.


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    Personalized Gifts

    Small personalized gifts for your employees are great to add that special touch to the occasion. Not only are small gifts like mugs, pens, tie pins and cup holders inexpensive, but they also allow for name engravings, logo printing and signatures, all of which make a small gift into a very special memento.

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    Recognition Awards

    Along with giving out general Valentine's Day packs to all your employees you can arrange for the distribution of performance recognition awards and use the occasion to motivate your staff to do better and improve their performance further.

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    Performance bonuses

    There is no doubt that Valentine’s Day celebrations can cost a lot because people have to buy gifts and plan dates. Being an understanding employer, you can give your staff a small performance bonus on this occasion of happiness and love. Not only will it motivate your employees but also help ease the burden on their wallets.

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    Beautiful Bouquets

    You can also have beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquets sent to all your employees. You can  task the Human Resources department with arranging the flowers and having them delivered to every employee on February 14th.

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    Have a lucky draw

    You can have a lucky draw at your work place with a few special gifts for employees, including a small vacation trip package for two. This will not only be a big hit with your employees but also make sure that the winners have a Valentine's Day to remember for life.

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    Valentine’s Day Party

    You can throw a well-managed Valentine’s Day Party at one of the more popular venues in your locality. You can ask your employees to attend the party with their loved ones and have the event management team organize different Valentine’s Day activities for your employees.

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