Valentine’s Gifts & Games

If a special day is celebrated in a conventional way for a very long time, it will probably lose its significance. The Valentine’s Day is to express your love for the truly loved ones. Normally it is celebrated in a way that men and women involved in some kid of a relationship exchange gifts with each other. Giving some homemade or store-bought Valentine’s Day cards and gifts to your friends and family members can be a good gesture. Since February is considered as the last month of winter so this day can be celebrated with a party full of fun.


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    Gifts for Him

    To show your love and care to the man you love, appeal to his sense of touch by presenting him a bottle of perfumed massage almond oil. Apart from this, you can always plan to dine out in a restaurant or any romantic place or perhaps enjoy watching a romantic movie relishing a delicious homemade dessert. Giving him something to wear that he likes the most is also a good idea. Most men like nicely fitted T-shirts and boxer shorts while some fancy putting on colorful silky ties with a Valentine theme to add up more value to the day.

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    Gifts for Her

    Most women prefer flowers and chocolates when it comes to a Valentine’s gift. You can find colorful flowers and particularly the red roses all around in the markets. While buying flowers, make sure that you keep your lady’s choice in view as she may be interested in flowers other than roses. While buying chocolates, prefer quality over quantity if possible as some good quality chocolates will bring more amusement than a big cheap box full of chocolates.

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    Gifts for Kids

    Children could also be made to enjoy the Valentine's Day celebrations. Some stuffed toys along with pencils, notepads, covers and other stationeries with Valentine's Day-theme can make them participate in the festivities with enthusiasm. As kids love to eat sweets and chocolates so a mug decorated with packets of hot chocolate can add up to the joy of this day for kids.

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    Games for Valentine's Day

    Inducing some games in Valentine’s Day celebrations can add up more to the party enjoyment. Any game that can involve people of almost all age groups can be something adventurous. There can be a game that involves finding clues with a prize for the winner. The prize may include a bag full of hearty chocolates and candies.

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    Games for young kids

    For the young kids, there can be game that involves filling up a bowl with conversation hearts having colors according to the number of participating children. Provide each kid a pair of chopsticks with an assigned color so as to pick hearts of the same color with the winner being picker of most hearts. Apart from all this, pinning arrow on the heart of pinning tail on the donkey being blindfolded is also full of fun. It can be done by drawing a heart or donkey on a wall or board with the winner being the one who correctly pins or tapes the arrow closest to the heart.

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