How to Use Rose Petals on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated the world over and people take it as an opportunity to express their love for the people closest to them. It is the time of the year when love is celebrated through words, actions and gifts.

If you are looking to make this Valentine’s Day really special, use rose petals to tell your spouse or partner how much you love them. Make sure you think of a way to get your beloved away from the house for an hour to get the house ready for a special surprise.


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    The first thing you need to do is to make a decision about the kind of rose petals you wish to get. You have the option of either going for silk petals, freeze dried petals or real and fresh rose petals. All three kinds of petals have their own merits, with the first being able to last for a longer time and much easier to clean, the freeze dried petals are easier to store. However, if you really want to create the mood and fill the air with the scent of love, decide to go for fresh petals.

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    After you have decided upon the kind of rose petals to go for, you need to buy them. You can either make the purchase off a florist’s or decoration store’s website, or you can visit your nearest flower shop. Given how the demand for roses is quite high during this time of the year, you might have to try a few shops to get the petals you want.

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    When you are getting the petals, keep the size of the room you wish to decorate in mind. For instance, if you just want to spruce up your bedroom, you will need less petals as compared to covering the whole apartment.

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    Start off by scattering rose petals on the dining room table. This is the place where you will have a lovely and romantic candlelight dinner with your beloved. If you plan on taking your loved one out to dinner, you can skip this step.

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    Use the rose petals to create a pathway from the entrance of the house to a surprise gift. You can also scatter the rose petals down the hallway to create a romantic trail. Extend the trail to the bedroom or dining-room, or both.

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    One of the most romantic things that you can do with rose petals is to fill your room, especially your bed and bathtub with them. The scent and silky texture of the rose petals will create a perfect atmosphere for you to celebrate love with your significant other.

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