How to Make a Valentine Note Tote

Chocolates, cards, flowers, etc are quiet common on Valentines’ Day. Forego all of them this Valentine’s Day and come up with something different and unique. You can make a Note Tote, which is a simple craft that you can use to multiple purposes. Note Tote is an ideal place to store things as it contains many pockets of different sizes. It will hardly take you an hour to an hour to make a properly decorated Note Tote at home. Two flimsy paper plates, stapler, scissor, pencil, hole punch, ribbon, craft glue, craft foam and embellishments are the requirements to make a Valentine Note Tote. Now the given steps by step guide to make a Valentine Note Tote will help you to easily design your own Note Tote at home:


  • 1

    First of all, take the two flimsy paper plates and fold them into half so their curves faces outwards.

  • 2

    Now slide one of the plates into the other one so that two of them could form a heart shape. Pick up the stapler and pin up the plates together.

  • 3

    Round the upper end of the heart-shape with the help of scissor to give it a proper heart shape. Take a hole-punch and make holes in the heart. You can make holes either in the V, in the front or at the back of the heart.

  • 4

    Take a ribbon according to your or the receiver’s favourite colour and string it through the hole of the heart. Now, tie a knot on each end of the ribbon to secure the handle of the Note Tote.

  • 5

    Your Note Tote is almost ready; embellish it with ribbons, beads, lace, craft foam, markers and other embellishments to make it more attractive. Use a craft glue to properly paste the embellishments. Set your Note Tote until dry.

  • 6

    A beautiful Note Tote is ready to present, fill the inside with several handmade treasures and hand it over to your loved ones.

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