Valentine’s Gift Ideas for a Newly Married Husband

Most people around the world are of the view that once you get married, and immerse yourself in the humdrum monotony of routine life together, your romantic life is all but over. With added responsibilities, and the impending probability of new additions to the family, it might seem like opportunities for enjoying special time with each other are hard to come by.

However, one day that is bound to make you change your mind is Valentine’s Day. An occasion that revolves around the expression of love for your special someone, this day can bring the fire back into your relationship, and help you realise how important it is to make time for each other, and ensure that you both keep doing special, touching things to surprise each other.

If it has been just a year or less since you got married, you will undoubtedly want to do something extra-special to surprise your husband, and show him how much he means to you. Luckily, there are a number of ideas you can choose from, to make the day a memorable one.


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    A romantic dinner

    Sometimes, a particularly elaborate dinner, complete with candlelight, roses in crystal vases, and champagne, is just the thing you need in order to rekindle the romance in a relationship – thus, it can serve as the perfect Valentine’s Day present. Try your hand at preparing your husband’s favourite meal in order to spoil him on Valentine’s. You can also cook something that will remind him of your wedding day, or of the first time you two met. If you happen to be a disaster in the kitchen, you can always take him out for dinner.

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    While this might seem like an expensive present, there are a whole host of reasonably-priced watches available in the market. A simple sports or dress watch from a good brand can make for a Valentine’s Day present that he will love, and find very useful in his everyday life.

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    Men love electronics and fancy gadgets, so try getting him something he has had his eye on for a while now. This might be anything from a branded electric shaver to a nice Bluetooth headset – just make sure it is something he likes, and can use.

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    An electrifying drink

    To make it a super special day, you can whip up a personalised cocktail, and specially name it after your husband. Make sure it contains all his favourite flavours – if this turns out to be a success, it can become a special cocktail just for the two of you. If your husband does not drink alcohol, you can always make him a special chilled fruit mocktail.

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