How to Host a Children’s Valentine’s Day Party

There’s a great misconception about Valentine’s Day that it is only for couples, partners and spouses. However, the whole Valentine’s Day concept has evolved to include all our loved ones, friends, family and children. If you are a parent and looking for Valentine’s ideas, what could be a better than spending the day with your spouse and children. If that’s decided, you may want to read on for ideas on how to host a children’s Valentine’s Day party.


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    Prepare a guest list because it is the first thing that should be done when planning a party. Make sure you don’t miss out any of your children’s close friends and the children in your own family.

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    Decide on a theme because it is a good idea to give the party a personality with a specific theme. It can be an indoor swimming party or an event where kids get to bake things. You can also decide on a theme where the children get to indulge in some arts and crafts. Deciding on a theme make planning the party easier and the guests will know what to expect as well.

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    Start decorating the room where the party is to be held.  Since it is going to be a Valentine’s Day party for the children, base your theme around that. Colors used in the decorations should be in red and white to go with Valentine's Day and appeal to children as well.

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    Decide on the menu and choose recipes that children generally like. For example, bake cookies in the shape of different cartoon characters. Get chocolate eclairs along with a lot of colorful candies as well. Pies, puddings and Jelly are also good ideas for food choices.

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    Come up with games to keep the children entertained. Games can include passing the pillow, karaoke, musical chair and treasure trove. The aim is to give children an opportunity to truly enjoy themselves.

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    Set up a toy corner where you can place toys for young children to play with. But the toys should not have hazardous parts that may be harmful to the children.

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    Play cartoon movies for kids who do not want to play physical games. They can sit around the TV and watch their favorite cartoon features with friends.

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    Make goodie bags to give to children when they’re leaving. Don’t fill them up with junk food, rather, give things that are useful and can be considered souvenirs of the party. Add things like stationary, small toy cars (for boys), a few candies and red heart shaped balloons (to go with the Valentine’s Day theme).

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