Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

While they say the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach, even men can cook food to impress and pamper their significant others. When everyone is sticking to the usual flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day, you can do something different and make the occasion special by cooking food yourself and setting up a lunch or dinner date at home.

Its okay if you have never cooked before, because we are going to help you get started and give you some ideas that will get you up and running  in no time. You also need to know a little about the various implications of certain foods, like fruits which signify love, like pineapples and pomegranates. You will also need to focus on presentation to make a strong impact on this Valentine’s Day.


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    Fruit Cocktails

    You will find several poems and verses praising Pomegranates and the delicious juice extracted from the seeds of this dark red fruit. It will be a lovely start to Valentine's Day evening with a pomegranate cocktail. Mixing together some Vodka, carbonated water, lemon juice and Pomegranate juice with some seeds in an elegantly designed glass will do the trick.

    Besides Pomegranate, peach is another fruit that can be used, given its soft and pulpy texture. You can prepare a drink by mixing ½ cup of boiled water with ½ cup of sugar and ¼ cup of honey properly stirred till the mixture is dissolved. Now pour the mixture on already cooked slices of peach with cooking spray adding 1 tbsp. of ricotta cheese on each peach. The same recipe can be tried for pineapples.

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    Finger Food

    Small finger food appetizers are good choices for Valentine's Day, especially as precursors to a dinner. Feeding each other with small  Oyster bites can also be quite a romantic way to spend Valentine's Day.

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    Instead of conventionally serving strawberries dipped in milk chocolate on Valentine's Day, it is better to dip fruits like bananas, orange peels, dried apricots, dried pineapples or plums in dark or white chocolate and perhaps peanut butter or marshmallow cream. Don't forget the cupcakes on this day and baking the red velvet cake frosted with cheese cream either.

    Besides this, you can try other desserts like heart-shaped sugar cookies, white chocolate brownies or a fruit pastry. If you are worried about your weight, prepare an exotic fruit salad using some unusual fruits like dragon fruit, star fruit, papayas, mangoes, kumquats or passion fruit. The more unique ideas you will try for Valentine's Day the more memorable it will be.

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