How to Send Flowers on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has great importance for couples and people in relationships, whether they are married or unmarried. Giving flowers on Valentine’s Day to express your love is one of the oldest traditions and a bouquet of fresh and colourful flowers definitely sends a sweet message.

Sending someone flowers on February 14 shows them that you care, and is a good way to express your interest in someone. However, if you are already in a relationship with someone, then sending flowers will obviously signify your love. What most people don’t know is that different colours of flowers convey different messages. Red flowers for instance signify passion, love, and energy. Orange flowers are a symbol of expansion, growth, and warmth. Yellow flowers show truth and intellect. Green flowers signify renewal, growth, hope, health and youth and white flowers are the sign of purity, cleansing, healing and clarity.

So if you are considering sending flowers to your loved ones this year, here is a guide that will help you send a memorable message.


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    Select a Florist

    First of all, you need to select a florist. Generally speaking, you have three options. You can browse the internet to choose an online floral delivery services, visit a local florist or simply pick flowers from your own flower garden. While searching online, prefer to buy flowers with photos properly displayed in order to get an idea that what are you buying. Ordering flowers online is quite convenient and easy and you make all transactions on the internet. The second option is to visit your nearest florist, and this gives you a good opportunity to choose beautiful and colourful flowers of your choice in person. Last but not the least, you can pick fresh flowers from your flower garden, which is cost effective and convenient.

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    Select Flowers

    Florists offer a wide range of flowers on Valentine’s Day. Do not forget to keep the personality and taste of your loved one in mind when finalising flowers. You can select flowers in one colour like red, pink or white, or order a  multi-coloured bouquet. You can add a personalised Valentine’s Day card with a cute message with the flowers as well.

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    Get a good wrapping

    Now select an impressive wrapping for your bouquet since the presentation of flowers is really important.  Most of the florists offer a free wrapping facility if you buy flowers from them. Keep Valentine’s Day in mind while selecting the colour of the wrapping sheet but try not to overdo it.

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    Arrange for the delivery

    Arranging delivery for your flowers is another important step. Both online and local florists offer delivery services you can avail. They will deliver the flowers on your behalf to your partner's home or work place. However, you can also deliver the flowers personally, especially if you are already in a relationship with the recipient.

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    Make payment on the spot if you buy flowers from your local florist. If you make an online transaction, give the company your payment information. In case if you order flowers by phone, make sure to pay them at the end of delivery.

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    Provide the florist with delivery information

    Do not forget to provide the selected florist with all the necessary delivery information otherwise it will be a wasted effort. In addition to that, let the florist know about the time your intended recipient is likely to be available.

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