Valentine Day Messages for Friends

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, is the perfect day in the whole year to break your speechlessness and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. While February 14 is celebrated all over the world as a day for couples and people in love, you should not forget your friends on this special day either.

However, before writing a Valentine’s Day message for a friend of yours, you need to personalize the message according to his/her personality. You cannot send the same message to all your friends and acquaintances. Your relationship with every friend will differ and the nature of your messages should also reflect that. In either case, if you are having trouble coming up with Valentine’s Day messages for friends, keep reading this article.


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    Serious Valentine’s Day Messages for Friends

    Dear ABC, you are a world’s best friend to me, a friend who I never want to lose at any cost. Happy Valentine’s Day.

    You have been my friend through ups and downs of my life therefore, I love you more than anything else in this entire world. Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

    Friendship is all about sincere feelings, understanding, fighting and forgiving. In short, it is all about loving friends unconditionally. Happy Valentine’s Day.

    Our friendship is above all relationships of this world. You may lose relations at some point of time in life, but a best and sincere friend will be by your side forever. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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    Heart-touching Valentine’s Day Messages for Friends

    One day you will ask me politely; what is important to you, it is your life or me.

    I will answer; it is my life

    You will surely walk away from me without knowing that “You are my Life.”

    I love you more than anything else does in this world.

    Happy Valentine’s Day my beloved friend.

    We met, become friends

    We shared top secrets, we freak out together

    I cried with you, hurt you a lot, teased you as well

    I laughed and smiled with you

    Moreover, here I am still thinking of a great friend like you

    However, still a long way to go in our friendship

    We shall never let our friendship end right?

    Just wanted you to know that my best friend, you are valued.

    You are none other than a precious gift of this world,

    Wrapped in ribbons of sincerity and dressed up with virtues and cute smiles,

    Given by my great God to stay not just for few days, but also for whole life. Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet friend.

    Let me think why you are my best friend?

    You were always available for me when I am down.

    I can easily share all my secrets with you.

    You make me smile every time.

    That is the reason why you are my best buddy of the world.

    Happy Valentine’s Day.

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    Funny Valentine’s Day Messages for Friends

    I do not need any doctor or medicine; you are the right medicine that brings smile and happiness to my life. You are my honey bunch and  I would like to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

    I cannot bring the lovely twinkling stars down for you,

    I cannot climb Mount Everest for you,

    I cannot get all the wealth of the world for you,

    However, there is one thing I can do for you, if you ever need a hand you will find me beside you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

    You are my sweet sun by day and my tube light at night,

    You are my twinkling star in the dark and my wings to fly up high.

    You are my best friend on this earth! Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet friend.

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