Things to Make For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about joy and celebrations. It is your day to show your love to all those who are special in your life. While flowers and chocolates are customary, nothing conveys your love like handmade crafts or gifts on Valentine’s Day! Keep reading for ideas and instructions on making your own endearing Valentine’s Day gifts at home for the people who matter the most.


  • 1

    Make Personalized Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper

    Use personalized Valentine’s Day wrapping paper sheets to give your gifts a special touch and make them uniquely presentable this year.

    Make Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper
  • 2

    Make a Valentine’s Day Balloon Arch

    Place this gorgeous heart shaped Valentine’s Day Balloon Arch at the entrance of your party’s venue or on the dance floor to set the mood of the event, adding a romantic touch.

    Valentine’s Day Balloon Arch
  • 3

    Make a Valentine Bingo Game

    In order to make sure that your guests and loved ones have a good time at your Valentine's Day party engage them by making this Valentine Bingo Game.

    Valentine Bingo Game
  • 4

    Make a Heart Shaped Candy Box

    This Heart Shaped Candy Box is not only easy to make, but a touching way to show how much you really love and care for your close ones. You can present it as it is or place some Valentine’s Day chocolates or candies in it.

    Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Candy Box
  • 5

    Make a Valentine’s Day Card for Children

    How can you forget your kids on a great occasion of celebration like Valentine’s Day? Make these cute cards at home to wish your children a very happy Valentine’s Day and make them a part of the celebration.

    Valentine’s Day Cards for Children
  • 6

    Make a Valentine Note Tote

    This is one of the simplest but cutest Valentine’s Day crafts that is made from some very easily available items. It is also a great activity to polish your kids’ crafting skills and engage them.

    Valentine's Day  Note Tote
  • 7

    Make Valentine’s Day Boxes with Victorian Cards

    Think out of the box – replace the typical ready-made cards with traditional Victorian cards while making Valentine’s Day boxes. It is such a simple activity that even beginners can carry it out easily.

    Valentine’s Day Boxes with Victorian Cards
  • 8

    Make a Beaded Heart for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day and hearts have a close relationship as both represent love. Make this Beaded Heart locket for your valentine and make her feel very special.  Use your sweetheart’s favourite beads to make it even more special.

    Beaded Heart for Valentine’s Day
  • 9

    Make a Valentine’s Day Gift Box

    Make your own Valentine’s Day Gift Box and use it to store the gifts that your receive or to present your gifts with love. It is super simple to make and the effort you put in makes your gifts more endearing.

    Valentine’s Day Gift Box
  • 10

    Make Valentine’s Day Candy Jar for Children

    Create this beautiful Valentine’s Day Candy Jar to store candies and chocolates your children get. You can personalize it the way you want, using your children’s favourite craft supplies.

    Valentine’s Day Candy Jar
  • 11

    Make a Stained Glass Heart

    It is another effortless Valentine’s Day craft to show your love. You can also use this as a Valentine’s Day decoration in order to create an atmosphere of celebration.

    Stained Glass Heart
  • 12

    Make Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

    Your merriment will remain incomplete without delicious desserts. Try these amazingly scrumptious cupcakes at home to win your children’s, sweetheart’s and guests’ hearts.

    Valentine’s Day Cupcakes
  • 13

    Make Valentine Sugar Cookies

    These mouth-watering Valentine Sugar Cookies are among the most simple desserts to make.  You have the option available to give any shape to your cookies that you like using your favourite cookie cutters.

    Valentine Sugar Cookies

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