How to Select Music for a Valentine’s Day Party

If you are planning to throw a Valentine’s Day party this year, having the right music playing in the background will truly enhance the atmosphere. Music is the best way to lift a party and show your friends and family how you feel about them. As Valentine’s Day typically revolves around couples, the music should be the one that creates a romantic environment for everyone involved and must remind them about the special moments of their life. However, in case if you are arranging a Valentine’s Day party for your kids, you can select music according to their age group that sets a fun mood. In any case, follow the instructions below to select music for your Valentine’s Day party.


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    Invite suggestions

    Any music you choose should actually resonate with your guests, which is why it is recommended that you invite their suggestions. For instance, when you send out the invitations for your Valentine's Day party, you can ask the guests to recommend a song each for the party's playlist.

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    Select thematic method

    Since you are selecting music for a Valentine's Day party, it should fit with the theme. You should be looking at songs which focus on love, matters of the heart and relationships.

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    Select songs that cater to everyone

    Since you are going to have a lot of different people at your party, you need to keep different tastes in mind as well. For instance, you might have older guests, who have been married long and younger couples still discovering the beauty of love. The music you play at the party should cater to both these groups, with something classic for the oldies and something hip for the youngsters.

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    Keep the music family-friendly

    Since you want to throw a family party, the music you play should also be family-friendly. Any indecent lyrics or music that is inappropriate in family gatherings should be avoided.

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    Have a backup plan

    The CD you burned might stop working or the flash drive you prepared might get wiped out. You never know when something might happen and if you don't have a backup plan you are going to end up embarrassing yourself. In order to avoid this, make sure your computer or phone has a copy of your playlist.

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    Allow guests to dedicate songs

    Another great way to have fun on a Valentine's Day party is to allow guests to dedicate music. You can even charge them for the service and allow them to name a person and a song which you will then play for them. This can be a small segment at your party and will not only get you some great music choices but also some extra cash.

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