Valentine Gift Ideas for a Wife

Your wife is special and often the one closest to you, so she deserves something unique and special on Valentine’ Day, which has great importance in couples’ life. Valentine’s Day is one of the extraordinary occasions for married couples as it is an excellent opportunity for them to realize each other how much they love each other and how proud they are to be together in long run. The given below Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your wife are designed by keeping females’ nature in mind. Therefore, go ahead and check out the step by step Valentine Gift Ideas for a Wife in order to make February 14 one of the memorable days of her married life:


  • 1

    Beautiful bouquet

    A beautiful bouquet of colourful flowers or red roses is the best way to have a magical effect on your wife of whatever age group she might belong to. A simple bouquet of red roses glorifies your true feeling for your wife. However, if she likes different colour of roses or flowers, gift her bouquet, containing flowers and roses of her favourite colours.a

  • 2

    Gift basket

    You can prepare a Valentine’s Day gift basket for your wife. Select a simple and unique basket, fill it with some gift items according to the interests of your wife and wrap it nicely. Your Valentine’s Day gift basket is ready; present it to your sweetie.

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    Chocolates are one of the females’ favourite gifts for Valentine’s Day. Therefore, a heart-shaped box or a cute basket with multiple chocolate brands can be a perfect package deal for giving Valentine’s Day gifts to your sweet wife. You can also present chocolate items in various ways like chocolate hearts, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate candies.

  • 4


    Women of all ages just love to receive a card, containing a heat-touching message from her partner. You can buy a beautiful Valentine’s Day card for your wife or you can make it yourself. What you need for a card is a chart paper, decorating items, a pen and your sincere feelings.

  • 5

    Jewellery Gift

    Women love jewelleries more than any other beauty items. You can buy any of your wife’s favourite jewellery in heart shape in order to associate it with Valentine’s Day. You can select from a huge selection pendants, earrings, nose pins, finger rings, bracelets, anklets etc.

  • 6

    Spa Gift

    You can book a spa appointment for your wife. You can also join her, as there are many spas, offering service for both male and female. Make sure that the spa you have selected is clean and reputable.

  • 7

    Recipe book

    If your wife is fond of cooking, you can gift her ready-made recipe book. A handmade recipe book is also a good idea as you can write add the favourite dished of your wife.

  • 8

    Romantic Trip

    Nothing allures your wife more than a holiday trip to one of her favourite romantic points with you.

  • 9

    Personalized Valentine Gifts

    Personalized gifts are very attractive gifts for your wife. You can pick a simple shirt and can decorate it with multiple colours and designs. Buy a picture frame and write some message on it for your wife. Buy a simple photo album, fill it with your memorable pictures with your wife and write some lovely messages. Writing a heart-touching romantic letter is a simple and unique idea. You can write your wife’s name on the personalized gifts along with your own name.

  • 10

    Economical gifts

    If you have a limited budget for Valentine’s Day, then it is better to get advantage of your true feelings for your wife. You can take her on a long drive, for hiking or walk, arrange a homemade candlelight dinner, hang out on your rooftop, watch a movie at home, give her a full body massage or take a bath together.

  • 11

    Other Unique Gifts

    There is a long list of Valentine’s Day gift idea for your wife like perfumes, bags, Paintings, movie’s tickets, art works, Jewellery box, dresses, shoes, Mugs, Make-up kit, photo key rings, candles, collage frames and many more.

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