Valentine’s Day Viruses

February 14 is one of those dates that lives in a special way in our life and on the Internet. People buy and ship gifts and flowers from the internet, but not everything that claims to be a love message sent today is based on good intentions. While it is known that security companies warned of the emergence of viruses that arrive via email with Valentine’s Day as a bait, there is a well known story of an American arrested for trying to convince people in chat rooms to end their life on the day of love (all kinds of madmen use this day to wrong others). Fortunately not all relationships established on the Internet are of this type. A study says that after a first date is achieved, a high percentage of online relationships last for at least seven months. This shows that if your online relationship is new, be careful of what it may bring with it.

Not everything that today is received by email is love letters, because within those loving messages comes hidden and often harmful viruses and worms. Panda Software warns that Valentine is still one of the day most commonly used by malware writers to cause damage to computer equipment.


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    A recently surfaced online variant 'AK' the Mydoom is a worm that can be used in the subject of messages phrases like "Happy Valentine’s day" (Happy Valentines Day) or "Valentine’s day" (Valentine) as claim for the surfer open the mail and become infected.

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    One of the most dangerous worms, San, is able to change the name of directories by adding at the end of the text "happysanvalentin" and delete the files located in the root directory of the hard disk. It also sends messages to mobile phones in which you want a happy Valentine's Day and are asked to visit a website that triggers the release of the virus.

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    Another worm that spread through email and use subjects like "I love you" (I love you) and "Romeo and Juliet" is called "Verona", once infected, it forwards a message to all of the addresses found in the infected system.

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