Cheap and Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

All lovers anxiously wait for Valentine’s Day as it is the most romantic day of the year. This special day is dedicated to romance and love and couples get excited with the arrival of February as they start planning to make this day a memorable one. It is not necessary to present expensive gifts to show your love to your partner as you can show your feelings with some creative, inexpensive and romantic ideas as well.


  • 1

    Write a love letter or a poem

    The best way to express your true love towards your partner without spending anything is to put your feelings on a piece of paper. You can write a beautiful heart-touching poem as well. Although it is not an easy task to write an impressive poem or a love letter, you can take inspiration from your favorite romantic movie.

  • 2

    Go for a walk or hiking

    Take your loved one for a walk or hiking, as it provides both of you with an opportunity to see natural beauty up close and bond with each other in an intimate setting.

  • 3

    Arrange a delicious meal at your place

    Rather than spending your money on expensive restaurants, you can easily arrange a delicious home cooked meal at your place. Prepare your partner’s favourite dishes, light candles on your dinner table, dim the lights, put on some romantic music and enjoy this special day with your sweetheart.

  • 4

    Creatively use the free flower petals

    Flowers are sold on a large scale during Valentine’s Day and the florists throw away the outer petals of the flowers for a clean look. Utilise these free petals to decorate your dinner table, bed, or simply float them in your bath.

  • 5

    Take photographs together

    You can take some photographs together to secure your memorable moments in an album. If you want to take some professional pictures together then it is better to visit your nearest photo booth.

  • 6

    Do something special

    There are always certain things that our partners like but we don't. While you might avoid such activities or trips over the course of your regular life, make an exception on this special day and go out of your way for your partner.

  • 7

    Take shower or bath together

    Another inexpensive and romantic idea is to take a shower or bath together. You can also use the flower petals you got earlier to set up your bathroom and make it fragrant.

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