How to Plan a Special Valentine’s Day for your Girlfriend

You love your girlfriend a lot and may have told her the same countless times already, but this Valentine’s Day, let your actions show her just how much she means to you. Naturally, she will be expecting some sort of a gift from you and you can surprise her by surpassing her expectations.


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    If you and your girlfriend live together, get up a bit earlier than usual and hit the kitchen to make breakfast for her. Place her breakfast on the bedside table and wake her up by gently kissing her. Treating her to the luxury of breakfast in bed will not only make her feel like royalty, but will also show your determination to make her feel loved and pampered. Do not forget to clean up the kitchen after you are done making breakfast so she doesn't have to clean up after you.

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    After you two are done with breakfast, you can fix her a bubble bath to further pamper her. Bubble bath kids are easily available but if you don't have one, you can alternatively just set up a normal bath and float rose petals in the water for her.

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    Take leaves from your respective jobs, or if it is a weekend, help her out with household chores. If the house does not need cleaning, just sit with her in the living room and have a conversation. Remember to turn your cell-phone on silent so that you only concentrate on her without any disturbances.

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    Watch a romantic movie with her at home or at the cinema. Let her decide which movie to watch instead of acting selfish and making her sit through your favourite movie. Concentrate on your girlfriend’s interests over your own for the day. If you two are watching a mushy movie in a theatre, be sure to get popcorns and a drink for her. Hold her hand while watching a movie in theatre, or cuddle with her on the sofa if you are watching a romantic movie at home.

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    Take her out to lunch or dinner. Make the date special by dressing up and asking her to dress up in a beautiful evening dress or gown as well. Take her to her favourite restaurant. Prefer an expensive restaurant instead of a place that offers cheap food. Try to get a table away from the crowd.

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    If you want to make things even more romantic on Valentine’s Day, have a candlelight dinner with your girlfriend at home. Set the mood by creating a romantic ambiance. Either order the food from her favourite restaurant or help her out in the kitchen while she is cooking it.

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    End the evening with a stroll under the moonlight or star gazing as the two of your cherish your time together and look towards a bright future. If you got a gift for her, this might be the time to give it to her to end the special day on a special note.

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