How to Surprise your Spouse on Valentine’s Day

In the busy routines we all have to face these days, opportunities like Valentine’s Day are God’s blessing to add romance in our lives. This Valentine’s Day you should plan to surprise your spouse and rejuvenate the spontaneity that adds life into one’s relationship. If you’re married and have started feeling that the spark that was once common between the two of you has been dying, rekindle it with the surprise ideas mentioned in this article. Couples, especially after they have been married for a few years, start feeling the romance that was once shared between them has been lost in the cruel realities that life keeps throwing at us, but there’s no need to worry because a few pleasant surprises can pave the way for a stronger and more romantic relationship.


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    When your spouse is out to work, cook their favorite dinner and decorate your dinning room in Valentine’s theme. Surprise them with a healthy home-cooked meal of their favorite dishes, set on a candle-lit table for two.

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    Cover the driveway with rose petals and make them walk over them as they enter the house. This is a great way to make them feel special and valued.

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    If you know your spouse listens to the radio while driving, call their favorite show and ask the host to wish them a happy Valentine’s Day on your behalf, with a special dedication of a romantic song.

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    It’s rare that a couple exchanges love letters between them. For old time’s sake and to give a classic touch to your romance, write your spouse a heart-felt love letter and send it by post. This will be a pleasant surprise when they open their mailbox in the morning.

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    Organize an all expense paid delightful evening, which includes visiting romantic spots in your locality, eating at your spouse’s favorite restaurant and watching a movie that he/she likes.

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    Play a little game of treasure trove with them. Hide little hints in places that are easy for them to find, which will lead them to a handwritten message by you that articulates your eternal love for them.

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    Is there something that your spouse has been meaning to buy but just could not, because of tight money or lack of time? Well here’s the chance to surprise them with something that they’ve been inclined to get for a long time!

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