List of Top Valentine Songs

14th of February is celebrated all over the world by exchanging gifts, candies and flowers to express deep feelings between sweethearts. This day is celebrated as tribute of St.valentine, who was in the favor of wedding against the Russian rules. After his death people use to celebrate this day with their love ones and exchange their feelings. As it is an expressive day so people use to spend whole day in adapting some great and surprising ideas and celebrating them. Some of them exchange gifts, chocolates, flowers and some exchange by wishing them in such a great way so that valentine become the great day. You can use one idea of song dedication to your sweethearts. Soft songs can change out the mood in very pleasant and romantic way. Love songs can be played as background music or also be used for Valentine parties. There are few songs which express deep love and emotional gestures. They can easily effect on one’s mood. The top ten love songs listed below are although old still they have the ability to touch ones heart.


  • 1

    Total Eclipse of the Heart

    'Sang by Bonnie Tyler from her first release of album in 1983'

    Its ever fresh song sung very well by the singer with great feeling and expressions. One who listen this song will try to sing with the singer by moving his hands up in the air.

    YouTube: Total Eclipse of the Heart

  • 2

    I will always love you

    'Sang by Whitney Houston released in 1993'

    This is one of the most played love song it’s just awesome number. It is suggested to lovers that they must try this out at least once. They will definitely become fan of this song.

    YouTube: I will always love you

  • 3

    You and I

    'Sang by Ingrid Michaelson this song was used in very popular TV shows'

    In a very sweet voice the singer sung this great song. Other than that its lyrics are sweeter. It’s a famous love song and is being viewed by many people several times. It contains its dreamy quality and emotions.

    YouTube: You and I

  • 4

    Gotta have you

    'Sang by the Weepies released in March 2007'

    This song has something really special although it has very simple lyrics, but the way of expressing them is really appreciable. It has something sad in it, that little hopelessness in this track after falling in love. One should try this out too.

    YouTube: Gotta have you

  • 5

    You are Beautiful

    'Sang by James Blunt released in March 2005'

    This track is all time fresh one. You will have a great experience by playing this number. Must try to wish your lover on the valentine day and make them to feel special.

    YouTube: You are Beautiful

  • 6

    My heart will go on

    'Sang by Celine Dion released on 10 Dec 1997'

    This is love theme from “Titanic” and is one of the hit numbers. This song is choice of lovers as its complete package of expressions.  One must include this song on hit playlist.

    YouTube: My heart will go on

  • 7

    Love Love Me Do

    'Sang by The Beatles released on 23 Aug 1963 but later on it was remixed by many other singers'

    There are two versions of this song in market both are great in them. The one with drums was recorded first and the other later on. It’s a great song to have fun with it.

    YouTube: Love Love me Do

  • 8

    Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

    'Sang by George Benson original released on Oct 1987'

    It is very emotional track, perfect number to dedicate someone on Valentine’s Day. It has hope and great emotional attraction and is expressed very well by the singer.

    YouTube: Nothing's Gonna change My Love For you

  • 9

    All I want is you

    'Sang by U2 released in UK on 13 June 1989'

    Lovely song and great video, the video tells the story of a dwarf who falls in love and what happens with him. Cool number to play and also to share with others.

    YouTube: All I want is you

  • 10

    As Long As You Love Me

    'Sang by Backstreet Boys released on 1997'

    It is a song of hope and about need of someone special who could make all the dreams true. It’s awesome love song.

    YouTube: As Long as You Love me

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