How to Make Valentine’s Day Extra Special

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the most beautiful and powerful emotion in the world, love. People around the world try and do something out of the ordinary to make their loved ones feel special, which can range from getting them a present to taking them out for dinner.

If you are looking to make this Valentine’s Day extra special, you should aim to make every single minute of the day memorable instead of just a few moments.


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    You first need to think of all the opportunities you have during the course of the day to deliver messages and gifts to your loved ones. This includes having access to their clothes, car, office, gym bag, etc. Don't think too much and allow yourself to be creative about it. If you are determined to make the day special for your loved one, do not let any challenge or obstacle get in your way.

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    You need to plan out the whole idea for delivering the messages and gifts to your loved one. You thought of all the opportunities to get the messages and gifts to your loved one in the previous step, but now you need to have a concrete idea about how you want to use these opportunities. If you have access to your loved one’s pants or purse, you may want to hide a romantic note or gift in there. If you pack lunch for them, put a mini-pack of heart-shaped chocolates in there. Hide a “I Love You” or “Missing You” card in their file or book. Hide a token of your love in their car and gym bag as well.

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    Make a list of all the things your partners loves, be it food, candies, a specific cake or a product. Once you have everything listed, figure out which of the things on the list are affordable for you and you can get them easily for your partner.

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    Remember, a special valentine's day is all about the effort you put behind planning it. Your partner should feel pampered and loved and your plan should show him/her that you really do care.

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    After you get all the things you think will please your partner, make sure you wrap everything up nicely in appropriate gift wrapping sheets.

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    Cook your partner's favourite meal at home or take him/her out for a dinner date at his/her favorite restaurant. Ending the night on a high is going to make sure the day is etched into your memory for years to come.

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