Sweet Short Poems for Valentine’s Day

The declaration of love to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day is perhaps the best feeling you get in a year. This lovely occasion reminds your loved ones about that you still have a passion about them once again.

Love poems will be on the earth as long as people are able to feel. Soul singing or sad, the words themselves fall on a clean sheet of each line are torn emotions and passions. Some poems are remembered for a long time, while others do not have a long lasting effect on the reader.

If you have a talent or skill of writing poems, Valentine’s Day can turn out to be a great opportunity for you to express love through words.


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    First of all, think about the technical side to be strong in your poem. Gross errors in the simplest terms can alienate the reader. You should be clear and precise about what and why you want to express your feelings.

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    If you started the poem in a certain rhythm, keep it to the end. Frequent and inappropriate transitions makes it difficult for the reader and it seems that the author is novice, and, far ignorant of writing literature. Proof read the already written poem.

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    Poems of love, plays with the thin strings of the human soul, therefore, your creation must find a response to the listener. It seems that it is not so difficult because almost everyone at least once in his life has loved. But success does not depend on the fact that someone once had, and how well you can describe the state of love.

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    Greater response from the audience is poems about love suffering, pain and anguish than poetry in the spirit of "we have met, fell in love, we are all wonderful." People are just more interesting to read about the tragedy and the broken destiny.

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