Valentine Day Party Themes for Adults Ideas

Valentine’s Day party ideas with hearts, flowers, and balloons are quiet old now. People now a days prefer to treat their guests and family to a themed Valentine’s Day party. These kinds of parties provide you with an opportunity to express your love and the spirit of the romantic occasion. However, do not forget to keep your budget in mind while organising a themed Valentine’s Day party. In addition to that, Valentine’s Day themed parties require pre-planning in order to avoid any kind of mess. Follow the given below Step by Step Guide to Valentine Day Party Themes for Adults in order to throw a well-organised themed party:


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    Singles theme Valentine’s Day party

    If you are still single then it does not mean you cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can organise singles theme party along with your other single friends. Ask them to join your party with either in red, white or pink dress as these three colours represent Valentine’s Day.

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    Opposite theme Valentine’s Day party

    You can conduct an opposite themed Valentine’s Day party by asking your guest couples to dress as opposites. For example, you can ask them to dress as a cat and dog, fruit and vegetable, king and queen, prince and princess, fairy and ghost, angle and devil etc. You can arrange opposite-themed activities by keeping your guest’ choice in mind.

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    Dress up as famous couples in history

    Boogie the Valentine night off by asking your couple guests to dress up as famous couples in history like Antony and Cleopatra, Napoleon  and Josephine, David  and Bathsheba, Shah Jahan & Mumtaz Mahal etc.

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    70’s theme Valentine’s Day party

    Organising a 70's theme party is another great idea to entertain your guests. You can play 70’s popular songs, which are full of romance and liveliness and can play a vital role in creating an atmosphere that radiates romantic vibes.

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