How to Make Money On Valentine’s Day

February 14, the lovers’ day, is just around the corner and almost every one spends money to buy gifts or to arrange parties and get-togethers for their loved ones. Therefore, it simply means that there are several opportunities to make money on this occasion as well. You can take this international day of love as a moneymaking opportunity for you. You can come up with some unique businesses on this Valentine’s Day in order to attract huge number of customers.


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    Sell cards

    Almost everyone typically exchange Valentine’s Day cards to show their love towards their close ones, so why not take advantage of this occasion and make some cards to sell? Shop-bought cards are considered as very expensive therefore, you sell handmade Valentine’s Day cards, earning huge profit. Set low prices as compared to your competitors as it is the best way to attract maximum number of customers.

  • 2

    Sell flowers and roses

    Flowers and red roses are the best way to express how much you care. You can set a stall or launch your website for selling flowers online, offering variety of choices. Additionally, you can offer delivery service to facilitate your customers.

  • 3

    Sell baked goods

    Selling baked goods is another good idea. You can sell chocolate truffles, Port and Stilton truffles, chocolate orange truffles, cupcakes, mini teacakes, loaf cakes, chewy brownies, crunchy chocolate chip cookies, gourmet cookies, Piled high with creamy frosting and many more.

  • 4

    Offer services

    Offer variety of services to make money on Valentine’s Day. Offer flower delivery service, spa services, photography, event management service, rent a car service or any other unique services.

  • 5

    Start a blog or write a book

    You can start a Valentine’s Day blog, offering several tips, tricks, gift idea for your loved ones, tricks and many more. Make your blog a user friendly so that your customers can use it without any difficulty. You can also write a book on Valentine’s Day, highlighting the importance of this great occasion. Provide the readers with you your own experiences of life or discuss the negative aspects of Valentine’s Day.

  • 6


    Most of the parents dream of going out for party or dinner on Valentine’s Day but they often cannot find someone to look after their kids. If you are good with kids, why not volunteer your services and baby-sit? You can earn a reasonable income with this unique service or you can charge more if have any special training experience in handling and looking after kids. In order to find customers looking for babysitting, you can give an ad on local newspapers of your area.

  • 7

    Perform somewhere

    If you have a nice voice and the guts to perform in front of live audience, you can arrange a live concert very easily. You can involve your friends for the publicity of your concert as words of mouth or the so-called verbal marketing plays a huge role in attracting huge number of audience.  The other best possible option can be the local restaurants, bars and clubs, which offer openings to provide music and entertainment on Valentine’s Day. In both cases, sing romantic songs according to the occasion.

  • 8

    Write Love Letters

    If you have writing capabilities to convert inner feelings into magical words to impress your loved ones, polish your hidden abilities and write Love Letters on Valentine’s Day. Write letters on your customer’s behalf, giving his or feeling a shape of heart-touching letter, and can charge them in return. Advertise your services through local newspapers, verbal marketing or online.

  • 9

    Throw a singles party

    Singletons are the ones who are most likely to hate Valentine’s Day as it’s a reminder that they’re single. Why let couples have all the fun? Throw a party for singles who need cheering up, charging them an entry fee.

  • 10

    Sell Your Old Jewellery

    Why not take advantage of jewellery lying around the house that you cannot stand to wear because it is from an ex- boyfriend or girlfriend or it is just not your style. You can sell such jewelleries online and can earn a reasonable profit. Take pictures of your jewelleries and post them online marketplace such as e-bay, Misi, Folksy, Not on the High Street, Coriander and Craigslist. You will soon get some great offers for it, earning money on something you would have never worn.

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