How to Plan Valentine’s Day for Your Wife

You may be feeling a bit under pressure about planning the perfect Valentine’s Day for your wife this year. However, there is nothing to worry about, as the only thing you need to do is to remind your wife throughout the day that your love for her is as strong and genuine as ever. Keeping this in mind, you can easily plan a lovely day for the special woman in your life.


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    Cancel all your appointments for February 14 in advance to ensure that you can spend the day with your wife. Turn your cell-phone on silent and forget about your television set for the day. Women love attention, especially when it is from someone they love. You need to realise that since you are her husband, she wants nothing more than your companionship and undivided attention.

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    Make a plan to give her at least one surprise. Since it is Valentine’s Day, she will already be expecting some sort of a gift from you. However, you can still surprise her by surpassing her expectations. Surprise her with something that she would not be expecting from you. Some ideas include bringing her breakfast to bed, taking the day off from office to spend time with her, writing a poem for her, cleaning the house even before she wakes up, etc.

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    Be youthful and exciting again. You want the woman you loved and married to know that she still excites you. Treat her like you did when you first met her and tried to win her over. Go to the beach with her and run in the water, go to a carnival and try to win a stuffed animal for her, buy her a rose or a whole bouquet of balloons, buy an ice-cream and share it, etc. In a nutshell, take your wife out on a date.

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    Let the world know that you are crazy about your wife. Send her a bouquet of flowers while she is at work, or take her in your arms and kiss her in the middle of the crowd.

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    Steal a gesture from her favourite romantic movie. Who says film romance should stay restricted to the screen? Take inspiration from a romantic scene from her favourite movie and enact the whole thing to touch her heart.

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    Keep sending compliments her way throughout the day. It does not matter if she already knows that she is gorgeous, she will still love to hear it from you. Ask her to join you in front of the mirror, point at her reflection and say something so romantic that it will make her blush or giggle.

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