How to Send Roses on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about gifts, chocolates and flowers. Couples celebrate the day fervently to express their love for each other and make their partners feel special. Like chocolates are staples for the day, when it comes to flowers, nothing beats roses – the symbols of love and romance.

More roses are exchanged on February 14 than any other time of the year and this is one of the most profitable phases for florists around the world. However, before you can start sending roses to your loved one, you need to understand how different colors of roses mean different things.

Red roses symbolise love and devotion, Pink roses represent sweetness, Yellow roses are symbols of friendship, Peach roses are for best friends and White roses are the sign of purity. In addition to these, roses with yellow or white with pink edges show that the sender is falling in love with the receiver. Now that you know what the different colors mean, read on to find out how you can send roses to your beloved on this Valentine’s Day.


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    The first and very simple way to send flowers to your loved ones is the internet. Search online and choose a floral company offering wide range of roses along with a delivery service. You can take advantage of the different Valentine’s Day offers from most of the floral companies. However, you should always select a reputable florist as it is all about your image in front of your loved ones. Proflowers, Flower Angles and 1-800-FLOWERS are one among the famous online floral companies known for their variety and quality. Most of these companies offer delivery service as well. There are many other online companies with unique packages and different varieties of flowers.

    After selecting roses, add a simple and cute card with a heart-touching message to the flowers for a more personal touch. Now, make the payment online and provide the company with a complete address of the recipient and they will take care of the rest.

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    Alternatively, you can visit your nearest floral shop and select roses by keeping your loved one’s personality and taste in mind. Once you select roses, ask them to be wrapped up properly to form a presentable bouquet. Now, provide the florists with the address of the receiver and ask them to deliver the roses on your behalf.

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    The third option is again a simple one, where you can buy roses from your local florist, wrap them with a Valentine’s Day themed wrapping sheet and post them. There are many post offices with dedicated flower delivery services. If you are sending flowers out of your country, you have the option to ship them.

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    Last but not the least, you can deliver the roses yourself. This option has many advantages as you will get the chance to meet your loved one and see the reaction you get. In addition to that, it is cost effective as you can save money on delivery charges.

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