How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day with Your Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is a day when the whole world celebrates love by expressing their feelings to their beloved or by making their special someone feel pampered.

Both guys and girls around the world really look forward to this day so that they can celebrate and enjoy the spirit of Valentine’s Day with their partners. If you want to make the most of Valentine’s Day this year with your boyfriend, keep reading!


  • 1

    Bring breakfast to your boyfriend in bed. Place it on the bedside table and gently kiss him to wake him up. This wonderful surprise in the morning will let him know how much you love him and care about making him happy.

  • 2

    After you two are get done with breakfast, spend some time together cuddling in bed or if you both have to go to work share the ride so you can get in as much time together as possible.

  • 3

    Embrace your boyfriend and kiss him on every given opportunity to let him know how you feel about him. He is bound to return the favour by display a fair amount of affection as well.

  • 4

    Leave a surprise for your boyfriend in the pocket of his pants, or in the glove compartment of his car. This can be anything from a romantic note, a Valentine’s Day card, to a box of heart-shaped chocolates.

  • 5

    Even though you are expecting a gift from your boyfriend, be sure to let him know how happy you are about it. He will be really glad to see a token of gratitude from you, like a hug or a kiss.

  • 6

    While he is at office, send him a romantic text on his cell-phone. Let him know that you have a surprise planned for him and make him curious the evening.

  • 7

    Go out with your boyfriend to a park or carnival and treat it like a date instead of just an outing. Share an ice-cream with him, or ask him to win a stuffed animal for you.

  • 8

    Watch a romantic movie with your boyfriend at home or visit the theater together.

  • 9

    Have a candlelight dinner with him instead of going out to a restaurant. Candlelight dinners are far more romantic and being at home will afford you the freedom a public place can't.

  • 10

    End the night by giving him his Valentine's Day gift, preferably as you both walk under the moonlight together. Star gazing is also a great way to relax at night and bond with each other as you appreciate nature's beauty.

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