How to Buy an Exotic Plant for Valentine’s Day

After spending so many Valentine’s Day and giving out the long-stemmed red roses, perhaps you think it’s time that something should change. The perfect twist on the Valentine’s Day could be an exotic plant that provides you with the perfect romantic moment. Here is how you can buy an exotic plant for your lover on this Valentine’s Day.


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    First of all you should think about the caretaking ability of your Valentine. It’s true that flowers are extremely beautiful, but they are extremely delicate and difficult to take care of. Before you go out and spend too much money on buying your lover a plant that she can’t take care of, go through a list of plants which are not difficult to maintain. This will be the first step to determine what sort of plant you would like to gift to your Valentine.

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    You can always start off with a heartleaf. It is an extremely simple and easy to maintain plant. The best part is that it bears heart shaped leaves. Well-stocked nurseries always keep heartleaf plants with them. This plant can take a lot of neglect and even if the owner doesn’t really give it light, it can still survive.

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    An outdoor plant can also be an option. This way your Valentine will not have to specifically take care of it; plus, you can give the metaphor ‘bearing fruit’ a whole new meaning. An apple or a lemon tree would be the perfect ingredient in the picture. You can also opt for Fringed Bleeding Hearts; this plant bears pink heart shaped flowers that is going to send out the perfect Valentine’s Day message.

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    You can also opt for the famous love plants. There are certain plants which have the word ‘love’ in their names. These plants include the likes of Love in Puff, Love in Mist and Love Lies Bleeding. All these plants are expected to make a romantic impression on your lover. The latter even bears cherries and can be grown indoors.

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    Lastly, you can always opt for the legendary cactus. Famous for its thorns and hard skin, a cactus is probably an odd but extremely unique plant to give out to your lover. Let her know how you are willing to go through thick and thin just to be with her. The best part of giving out a cactus is the fact that he/she does not have to take care of it on a daily basis.

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