Valentine Window Display Ideas

A nicely decorated window on Valentine’s Day can attract a large number of customers. Window of your shop is the main part to highlight your Valentine’s Day specials. Do not forget that you cannot grab the attention of your customers with a stuffy window as it gives dirty look. Therefore, do not crowd too many display items into the window and try your best to come up with few and unique ideas to make your window different from rest of the stores in your areas. Follow these step by step Valentine Window Display Ideas to come up with attractive window:


  • 1

    Select right colour for your window

    It is obvious to design a Valentine's Day window display with the colour of the occasion. You can add multiple shades of pink and red. Otherwise, contrast matching of the other colours also works on Valentine’s Day.

  • 2

    Placement of item in your Window

    Select unique items for window decoration that can easily grab the attention of the window shoppers. Place the items in a proper position, easily visible for the customers. It is a better idea to use spot lighting to accent reflective items. Drape fabric in Valentine's Day palette can be interesting or you can also display coloured baskets, wire-framed red paper boxes and acrylic heart stands etc.

  • 3

    Use the ceiling space in your window

    You can use the ceiling space in your Valentine’s Day window display, which will simply highlight your offers. You can add a string of red, white and pink paper lanterns to it. However, you can also staple swags of soft quality fabric onto the both sides of the top of the display for a valance-style look.

  • 4

    Place a tall element in the back centre of your window

    You can place a tall element in the back centre of the window to give it more interesting look. A mannequin can be a best possible solution for it. Make a triangle shape with the tall element, flanking it with two of the other larger elements on both sides in front.

  • 5

    Final addition

    Your window display is almost ready but you can add some antiques chairs or tables at the entry position of your shop to make it more breathe-taking. Go to the front side of your store, look into your window display from your customers’ point of view, and make changes accordingly.

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