How to Make Your Own Valentines Gifts

February 14 is a special day to celebrate love. It provides you with a great chance to show your concern for those who have great importance in your life. One way to show you care is to make some Valentine’s Day gifts for them. Nothing attracts your loved ones more than a handmade gift as it shows your efforts put in making that specific gift. You can enhance the simple look of the gifts by decorating them with unique idea. Handmade gifts are less expensive as compared to ready-made gifts. In addition to that, you can design them according to the interests of the person to whom who will be presenting the gift. If you are looking for some handmade Valentines Gifts for someone special, follow the given below Step by Step How to Make Your Own Valentines Gifts:


  • 1

    Valentine’s Day colouring book

    There are many printable Valentine’s Day colouring pages available online. You can select the pages according to the taste and interest of the receiver and print them on multi-colour pages. Arrange the pages and bind them. Your Valentine’s Day Colouring book is ready, write the name of the person on top of it along with a beautiful Valentine’s Day message or quote and present it directly.

  • 2

    Valentine’s Day Cards

    Pick up a chart paper in any colour but it is better to select a pink, red or white chart papers as they represent Valentine’s Day. Fold the paper to give it a card shape and cut the edges with a zigzag craft scissor. Now, decorate the card with Valentine’s Day stickers and foam hearts. You can also past your picture with the receiver on the top. Write a Valentine’s Day message with markers or glitters. Put your card in nice envelop, writer your address along with the receiver’s one and post it.

  • 3

    Valentine’s Day Bouquet

    Pick different flowers from your garden or buy them from your nearest flower shop. Cut the outer petals to give the flowers a neat look and bind them together with a piece of string. Now carefully wrap the flowers in a coloured wrapping paper. Place a small handmade Valentine’s Day card at the top of the bouquet.

  • 4

    Valentine’s Day Recipe Book

    Pick up pages in different light colours or you can use white pages simply. Write down different recipes on each of the page. Do not forget to mention the quantity of the ingredients along with the directions. You can add the favourite recipes of the receiver. Number the pages and arrange them in a proper sequence. Place a blank paper at the top of the pages containing recipes. Now, punch two holes on the right hand side of the arranged pages. Pick up a red ribbon, pull them through the two holes and tie up in a nice shape.

  • 5

    Valentine’s Day Basket

    Nicely decorated and filled baskets are one among the favourite Valentine’s Day gift items. Buy a simple basket, paint it or past artificial flowers and foam hearts to give it a nice look. Now, place all your small and medium size gifts in the nicely decorated basket. Wrap your basket with a colourful wrapping sheet with hearts on it. Decorate the handle of the basket with multi-colour ribbons and tie a small beautiful card to the handle.

  • 6

    Other handmade Valentine’s Day gifts

    There are many other handmade Valentine’s Day gifts ideas. Bake different Valentine’s Day dishes, prepare a personalized clock with the help of different fabrics, make different bookmarks, button box craft, candy plant craft, Duct-tape rose pen etc.

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