How to Make a Valentine’s Candy Necklace

Valentine’s Day is one of the fantabulous days, especially for love birds they wait for this special day throughout the year. They make planes to wish their special person a great Valentine’s Day in order to ask them to be his\her valentine? It is considered that love have great affection towards dear one, as love is such a great feeling which makes you to go to sky and bring stars for your love’s sake. Love is a feeling witch only lovers can feel and express with great body language and eye contacts. If you are also in love with someone really splendid, then you don’t need to get stars for them. You can astonish your love with diminutive but sweet ideas, like you can present handmade cute and sweet necklace to your sweetie on this Valentine’s Day in order to make her feel special. This guide would make you to learn how to make a candy necklace.

Things you need:

Glossy colorful ribbons
One big chocolate heart with golden wrap
Wrapped red candies
One plastic wrap 38 inch long and 6 inch wide


  • 1

    First of all we will start from plastic wrap, start from its middle part.

  • 2

    Take your golden heart and wrap in the middle of plastic wrap.

  • 3

    Cut your colorful glitzy ribbons take two pieces of 8 inches equally. Now fold your ribbons at both ends of the golden chocolate heart.

  • 4

    Start from one strip of ribbon at till its end, lay red candies one by one in plastic wrap.

  • 5

    Now after each candy cover the wrap around with the ribbon in such a way that it looks so attractive to see.

  • 6

    Apply same step for second end of your necklace.

  • 7

    Now if you have wrapped almost 30 candies equally divided on both sides of golden heart, stop adding more. These are enough, now trim extra plastic wrap.

  • 8

    Now tie both end of ribbons together in order to form a proper necklace.

  • 9

    Here you are holding a great surprise for your girlfriend to make her extra special on this Valentine’s Day.

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