10 Ideas for Being Romantic on Valentine’s Day

We all want our partners to add romance into our lives but the problem that every one of us always faces is coming up with new and innovative ideas to keep the spark and improve upon the chemistry we share with our partners.

Fortunately, valentine’s day is perfect to bring out the romantic side in you because love is in the air, all around, as couples get together to celebrate the 14th of February. Not only do you have a great excuse to get started, you can also borrow ideas from our list below if you can’t think of anything yourself.


  • 1

    Breakfast in bed

    This is a great idea to start your valentine's day on a romantic note. Get your partner’s favorite breakfast items ready before he/she wakes up and pamper him/her with a special meal. Regardless of your partner's gender, this is sure to strike a cord with anyone.

  • 2

    Hide small surprises

    You can plan for sweet little surprises by getting gifts and small items to hide around the house. For instance, you can get your girl a nice bracelet and put it in the dressing table drawer for her to see when she’s getting ready. For guys, you can write a little note expressing your feelings and you can put it in the fridge where he can see it when he goes to grab drinks or snacks.

    The choice of gifts and where you decide to hide them will depend on your imagination and creativity.

  • 3

    Reserve a candle-lit table

    Nearly all major restaurants follow Valentine’s theme, so you can plan a romantic Valentine's Day surprise for your partner by treating him/her to some great food in an amazing environment.

  • 4

    Get your partner something he/she has long been wanting

    There are always things people want, and your partner is probably no different. If you ever overheard him/her wishing for something, now is the perfect time to get it. You can simply purchase the gift and keep it with you till the right time and truly surprise him/her on Valentine's Day.

  • 5

    Create small love coupons

    Love coupons are a great way to bond with your partner and get things done as well. For instance, if your partner wants his/her clothes ironed, you can do them for her in return for her giving you  a love coupon, which can give you the power to ask for anything or something specific at any point you want.

    For example, in return for ironing the clothes, you might want to get a dozen dishes washed. You can think of anything (something more adventurous) and play it out with these coupons.

  • 6

    Memorize a love poem

    Nothing melts the heart like soft, resonating words of love. You should try and memorize a romantic poem from one of the more popular poets and recite it for your partner in the morning or the evening, depending on when you find the ideal time.

    The effort you put into memorizing the poem will be alone worth the appreciation.

  • 7

    Burn a CD

    If you have a CD writer, you can easily get blank CDs and burn a music CD for your partner. This can include your favorite romantic playlist and the best part is that you can listen to the CD with your partner on the special day.

  • 8

    Leave a hand-written note

    Nothing beats the old hand-written notes when it comes to expressions of romance. You can simply take a piece of paper and a pen to write down something romantic in your own handwriting and send it to your partner like a letter.

  • 9

    Record a sweet message

    Since most carriers now give voicemail services, you can easily call your partner when you know he/she won't pick up and leave a sweet recorded message that tells them how much you love and appreciate their companionship.

    When your partner does listen to the message, it will be a sweet, charming and romantic surprise.

  • 10

    Create a montage

    A montage with mementos from the past will bring back memories of the times you two have spent together. They may include cinema tickets from a movie you two watched together or cute little notes you shared in the past. Anything indicative of your relationship will suffice and make for a lovely valentine's day gift.

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