Apps to Download for Valentine’s Day

Million of people are registered on dating sites dedicated to seeking couples like eDarling, Meetic, Badoo. And these brands future looks so profitable that some of them advertised on television in prime time. Signing up is free, and then they start to charge for added services such as real-time chats. If love has no age and can be found on the Internet, and now with a cellphone in hand the inventory of people looking for love is limitless. As soon as you become available it can be known on the same day via status messages on Facebook and other internet sites. Love moves mountains, SMS tweets, mobile applications and, ultimately, money. In the USA the phenomenon of internet dating has grown 30% last year, but there are apps that can solve many instances of heart after the first date. So instead of spending money looking for love online, maybe you want to try your luck at finding it Free with these love apps.


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    Love Detector

    Goodbye to Daisy, mobile takes the role to determine whether that love is unrequited. The method is not scientific, of course, but it helps kill uncertainty, or simply time. The same reliability as the flowers start but analóogico method. Compatibility of both partners is considered and makes an estimate of what would be a good fit for you. Solo for Android, it's free. For 80 cents Lovetricity makes roughly the same, but with the iPhone.

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    " My heart beats for you" - that is the message conveyed by this application along with a heart that gives the pulse sender. The operation is peculiar: the pulse after leaving finger support on mobile camera. The program is free but charge for sending an SMS with the image. You can also share via Facebook and Twitter. There is a similar version for Android.

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    Would you like me to be that friend for a lifetime? What if I step and I crash? BangFriend solves that first step and anonymously, which is important. This is one of those applications born in the heat of Facebook. It is very simple, a person puts the names of friends you would like to have sex. When, thanks to the extensive network ties, matches the appetite of two friends, they receive the notice. Similarly, another application (Breakup Notifier) reports when someone you care about has broken up with their partner.

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    Love letters from Tom

    If you do not know who the cat Tom is that you do not have or do not have kids around smartphones. Applying talkative feline is one of the most downloaded app. She introduces us to her beloved in this special edition to create message full of tenderness and idioms. It can be shared via email and social networks in seconds. Do not overindulge too syrupy. Free for both iPhone and Android.

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    For his kisses will know

    Another return to adolescence. A test to check the skill with kisses, his own and that of the opponent. After several questions the mystery is cleared, you are a born seducer or bland?

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    Soundtrack for a special day

    Valentine Radio offers direct access to lists with songs even more special to the’ special moments’. The catalog of over 40 different channels which are expanding every so often. Also if you want to hear classics served, but most are in English. It's free, but only works with Apple devices.

  • 7

    Aural Viagra

    Sex Drive is a kind of Viagra for the ears. It emits a sound frequencies that seeps into the brain and stimulating sexual desire, anything that is practiced for ten minutes with headphones on.

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    The name says it all. A calculator sex. When, how, with whom, but also a calendar to know the best time to conceive. In iTunes costs 1.99 euros.

  • 9

    Keep the Secret

    In many cases the utility of an application is measured by the price. Cate shore at Google Play Store (for Android phones) 4.11 euros, so it should be a lifesaver. It is. Cate prying hides contacts, messages and even the application so that no trace on the mobile.

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