Tips to Look Beautiful for Valentine’s Day

It is everyone’s dream to look good and charm their partners all over again after the initial attraction of a relationship starts to wear off. We keep finding reasons and ways to do it, and when it comes to a day like Valentine’s, which girl wouldn’t want to be at her best for her beloved and dazzle with her looks and charm?

However, the problem that most girls have to face is finding easy ways that will help bring out the beauty in them. While makeup is the obvious choice for most, it is not the only solution, nor is it any different than other days. In this article we will look at all the different things you can do to appear your best on the special day.


  • 1

    Skin treatments

    You can start with skin treatments like scrubs, whitening masks and acne removers to make your skin look fresher, brighter and clearer.

    Getting a facial will do all this perfectly but if you can’t take time out for that, there are a lot of home remedies that you can use to serve the the same purpose. You can also visit your nearest cosmetic shop and buy over the counter products but make sure they are branded and do not carry any contents that may harm your health or give you an allergic reaction.

    While we are on the topic of skincare, you should also realize the importance of proper sleep. Make sure you get in bed on time, especially before the big day, and give your mind, body and eyes much needed rest.

    Lack of sleep shows on your skin very easily, in the shape of dark circles and a dull tone overall.

  • 2

    Hair removal

    Now on to hair removal, which includes your eyebrows, upper lips and body wax if you need one. If you've had treatments recently you can skip this part. For those women who are short on time, setting up eyebrows is the least and most important thing they can do.

  • 3

    Visit a hair stylist 

    Check in with your stylist to get the hair your better half has been pleading you for, and surprise your boyfriend by showing up with a makeover on Valentine’s Day.

    Alternatively you can get your hair dyed in a color that you think he will like. If you’re particular about your hair style, just get them trimmed and conditioned from the parlor to add shine and volume.

  • 4

    Clean up and shower

    Personal hygiene is of utmost importance when it comes to your physical appearance. Taking a shower will freshen you up and using a good hair conditioner will make your hair softer, giving them more shine and volume.

    Even if you feel lazy, you can take a quick one after wearing a shower cap to prevent your hair from getting wet.

  • 5

    Use a good perfume

    Most people consider a good scent to be as important as appearance. However, make sure you don't overdo the perfume and apply it correctly. The key points for perfume application are the undersides of the wrists and base of the neck.

  • 6

    Wear your best outfit

    Don't blindly follow what's trending and wear a dress that flatters your figure and body type. If you're feeling particularly bold, you might want to experiment with red or pink to go with the day's theme, but black, white and blue are safe choices as well.

  • 7

    Get accessories

    Now you need to get accessories that go with your dress. But like perfumes, accessories shouldn't be overdone either. Sometimes just a bracelet is enough, other times you can wear a whole set and get away with it.

    Just double check yourself and get a second opinion before you decide to walk out.

  • 8

    Smile and be confident

    You might not believe it, but a major part of your beauty and appearance is determined by your attitude and how you carry yourself. Make up and all only enhance your appearance, but your natural beauty shines through, such as your smile.

    Similarly, if you're comfortable in your clothes and act confidently around your partner you'll be able to put him under a spell quite easily.

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