How to Make a Heart Shaped Pillow

Heart shaped pillows add sensuality to the valentine day’s romance. They may also be used for decorator purposes in your living room and gives a warm look. If you live alone at home, they might be your something to squeeze when you are feeling lonely.

A heart shaped pillow is quite easy to make but you do have to sew it in the form of a curve, so a little expertise with the sewing machine is required for this task. Heart shaped pillows can be made of any size; ranging from the pocket sized hearts for decorating purposes to the red coloured hearts which you can give to the special someone in your life.

Thing required:

– Shiny muslin
– Scissors
– Lace edging
– Stick pins
– Sewing machine
– Plush stuffing
– Needle and thread
– Metallic fabric paint


  • 1

    Draw one side of the half on a two-fold piece of paper. Make it in a way so that it should be a complete heart when it unfolds. Draw thin but clear boundaries, cut along the line with a paper scissor.

  • 2

    Fold both sides of the cloth at the centre, making sure that the right side is facing in. Use common pins to attach both half sides to the pieces of fabric, so that the edge of the heart is in line with the folded paper. Using a scissor, carefully cut the fabric along the edges of the half hear. Cut through both layers of fabric at once so that the top and bottom sides of your pillow are perfectly symmetric. After cutting, you will get a single heart shaped cloth once it’s unfolded. The size of the heart should be about an inch longer than the size of the pillow.

  • 3

    Place both these heart pieces on top of each other and use common pins to hold them together on the corners of the heart. If they are not perfectly aligned, repeat the last few steps till you get a perfectly balanced heart piece.

  • 4

    Now sew them up using your sewing machine. Remember the colour of the thread should be the same as the colour of the fabric or it will ruin the pillow’s grace. Leave about a 3 inch gap on the top side of the pillow so that you can invert it and stuff it with cotton.

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