How to Make Valentine’s Day Recipes for Kids

Apart from adults, kids love to enjoy Valentine’s Day as well, especially since its the time of the year when love is in the air. If you are a parent, a great way to spend the day is to treat your kids and enjoy some family time.

There are number of very easy recipes that you can make at home to make Valentine’s Day special for your kids. All of these recipes are very easy to make, and more importantly, these will neither take too much time nor too much money.

Utensils: Bowl, Skillet, Heart-shaped cookie cutter, Paint brush.


– Pancake mix
– Red food colouring
– Vegetable oil
– Honey
– Oatmeal
– Raspberry sherbet
– Pink lemonade
– 12 oz. can of lemon soda
– Egg Yolk
– Water
– Unbaked sugar cookies


  • 1

    The first Valentine’s Day recipe for kids is to make heart shaped pan cakes. Prepare a bowl full of pancake batter. Follow the instructions given on the packing of the pancake mix. Since you will be making heart shaped pancakes, it would be nice to color them red. Depending on the amount of pancake batter, add an appropriate number of red food colouring drops in the bowl and stir the mixture until the red colour is uniformly distributed.


    A bowl of Pancake batter
  • 2

    Add three to four drops of oil to a skillet and put it on a lit stove. Cook the pancakes in this skillet. When they are properly cooked, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out heart shaped pancakes. Serve these pancakes to your children as a Valentine’s Day special and win their hearts.


    Heart shaped pancake
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    If your kids eat oatmeal for breakfast, you can take some honey and make a heart on the oatmeal by pouring the honey in the required shape. This is sure to bring a smile on their faces and start the day on a happy note.

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    A lemon love potion can be a great recipe to give your child on Valentine Day’s. In a large tumbler, mix 1 cup of raspberry syrup with 1 cup of pink lemonade. When the contents of the tumbler are properly mixed, add lemon soda from a 12 oz. can and stir it all. The lemon love potion is ready and you can enjoy it with your kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


    Lemon love potion
  • 5

    Make edible paint by mixing one egg yolk and a few drops of red food colouring in a small bowl. Add 1 teaspoon of water to the mixture as well. Paint a heart on unbaked sugar cookies and bake them in the oven. The heart shape on the sugar cookies will give a nice touch for Valentine's Day.


    Valentine Sugar Cookies

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