Fun Valentine Games for Third Grade

Every 14th of February, people all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day. Couples exchange cards, give chocolates and show emotions to their loved ones. Students of the third grades may not have same feelings or emotions but they can enjoy the occasions by doing different activities. You can play fun activities with love theme so that third graders can enjoy the occasion and learn at the same time.


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    Heart Hunt

    Heart Hunt is a seek-and-find game for third graders. You need to get some paper hearts. Cut hearts of different shape and sizes from a construction paper to get them. Then you need to hide these hearts before leaving for your house a night before the party. If you cannot stay longer in the school then wait for every student leaving the class and then hide them in different places. You can place the paper hearts under the desks, inside books, in corner of bulletin boards and in other not easily seen spots. When the party begins, you tell students about these hearts and ask to find them. Tell the third graders that when you say go then everyone should run and find these love tokens. You can always set a prize for the student who collects most number of hearts.

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    Valentine Math

    For Valentine Math, you need to get Valentine’s cards. Write a math problem featuring a skill inside the card and then close it in an envelope or a sticker. Place these cards inside the basket and when the party day comes, tell each student to select a valentine from this basket. Tell the students to quickly solve the problem and return the card for a special gift.

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    Conversation Heart Alphabetization

    For this game, you need to get many small boxes of Valentine’s classic conversation hearts. Divide your class in a group of four to five students and gives a box to each group. Tell your students to arrange the candies into alphabetical order when you say go. The first group to alphabetize the contents correctly can be rewarded with gifts. Remember to tell your students to raise their hands once they have completed their task.

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    Each student is given a half heart containing one name of a famous pair such as salt and pepper, Adam and Eve etc. Tell the students to find their missing partner after moving around the room.

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