Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is the main day in the whole year when people openly show their love and affection for the special people in their lives. Given how the day commonly involves special dates and exchanging gifts, it can become a little expensive. However, with the recession still hurting the wallets of lovers across the world, you can celebrate a romantic Valentine’s Day without spending too much. All that you require is a little creativity or a list of ideas to work with!


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    Instead of eating out or organizing a party, you can arrange an indoor event for your loved ones. Invite everyone you want and ask each guest to bring one dish from home. This will not only save money for you but also make sure that there is plenty of different food choices for everyone.

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    If you want to spend the day with your significant other, you can start with a hearty breakfast in bed and pamper your partner as much as possible. There is no price attached with feelings and your goal is to make sure your partner knows how much you care.

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    If your loved one is fond of singing or music, you can buy a musical instrument or burn a custom CD containing their favourite songs. You can also buy a CD based on the top Valentine songs. If you want to move a step forward, you can prepare a song yourself and surprise your partner with a live performance!

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    Another great idea is to cook lunch together on Valentine's Day. The two of you can agree on a menu and then one can start preparing while the other gets the required ingredients from the market. Make sure you both cook everything together and make use of the excellent bonding opportunity.

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    For the evening you can pick a list of romantic movies neither of you have seen and arrange for snacks and drinks. Once the two of you are settled in your room, make sure there is no disturbance and the two of you can peacefully enjoy a nice romantic movie.

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    A nicely decorated Valentine’s Day basket is a good idea when it comes to preparing gifts for your loved ones. Check out How to Make Valentine Gift Baskets.

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    You can make a Note Tote for your loved ones as well since it is really simple and easy to make. Check out How to Make a Valentine Note Tote.

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    Making a Valentine Collage for your loved ones is another impressive idea. Learn How to Make a Valentine Collage.

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    Valentine’s Day seems incomplete without delicious cookies. Click to find out How to Make Valentine Heart Cookies.

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    Nothing represents romance like a vintage valentine's postcard. Check out our Guide to Buy Vintage Valentines Postcards.

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