How to Make Valentine Gift Baskets

A nicely decorated Valentine’s Day Basket is a perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care about them. You can buy a Valentine’s Day basket from the market but a homemade basket is cost effective and a very better way to show your involvement in selecting little cute things to fill the special basket for the special person.

Things Required:

Heart Candies
Cellophane or mesh wrapping
Valentine’s Day Card


  • 1

    Choose a beautiful basket

    First of all, identify what size of basket you want and select your basket accordingly. Keep the number of items in mind, making sure your basket comfortably fit all of your gift items. Try not to leave too much empty space as it gives ugly look. Try to select red, pink or white basket as these colours represent Valentine’s Day. However, a natural colour basket is another good option.

  • 2

    Decorate your Valentine Gift Basket

    Pick up ribbons in different colour and wrap them around the handle of your basket. Fill the bottom of your basket with the help of different filler in order to properly display your gifts.

  • 3

    Select basket items

    Write down the gifts items that come to your mind. Now, shot list the items according to the taste and personality of the person to whom you are going to present the gift. Try to add unique things to your basket. You can add a nice necklace or bracelet if the receiver is a woman, an MP3 player or an iPod shuffle for a teen and a watch or fishing lure for a man. Your Valentine’s Day basket will definitely look incomplete without chocolates as its all time- favourite of people from all age groups. Add in a small beautiful box of candy hearts. You can add a small cute toy as well. Do not forget to buy a simple and nice card, containing a beautiful message regarding Valentine’s Day.

  • 4

    Items positioning

    Arrange all the above-mentioned items in a proper order so that they are clearly visible within your basket.

  • 5

    Wrap you basket

    Place your basket on coloured cellophane paper and wrap it nicely. Close the wrapping sheet with a beautiful bow.  Attach your card to the bow. Your Valentine’s Day Basket is ready to present.

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