List of Valentine’s Day Soundtrack Songs

Valentine’s Day gives everyone an excuse to commemorate love and share their feelings for the special people in their lives. Different people have different plans for Valentine’s Day, some people are happy with simple gifts while others make elaborate plans to surprise their significant others. One of the ways you can make the day even more eventful is by playing Valentine’s Day songs as you spend time with your partner at home. You can also burn a CD for your beloved so he/she can listen to it on his/her own time.

If you are looking for a good Valentine’s Day playlist,  check out the songs listed below.


  • 1

    Truly madly deeply was sung by the Savage Garden Duo in 1997 and became an instant hit. If you want to pledge undying, eternal love to your soul mate, this is the song to dedicate!

  • 2

    Dave Mathews Band is one song that different people can interpret differently. Few songs have the power to let the listener do that, and this track stands out amongst them.

  • 3

    Always by Bon Jovi has lyrics that hit right at your heart with the melancholic promises the singer makes.

  • 4

    Everything I do by Bryan Adams is one of those songs, without which, a romantic playlist is incomplete. Definitely a track that shouldn’t be missing from your list for Valentine's Day.

  • 5

    Words by Boyzone illustrates through its composition what few can convey with their expressions. Because as the song goes, “Words are all I have, to take your heart away”.

  • 6

    Goo Goo Dolls have touched many hearts with their song “Iris,” that almost all the lovers can relate to with their own experiences.

  • 7

    Thank You is one of Dido’s strongest tracks and you can dedicate it to your partner as a way of showing gratitude.

  • 8

    Hero has been sung by Enrique Iglesias, and it is safe to say that this song stands tall amongst the most popular romantic songs.

  • 9

    Save the Last Dance for Me was released in 1991 and sung by Vanessa Williams but it still holds relevance in the contemporary world after 2 decades.

  • 10

    Secret Love takes the cake in the Electronica genre of songs. The intensity and passion conveyed through this track by Budha Bar will push you to the zenith of fervency.

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