How to Make a Valentine’s Day Floral Centerpiece

Valentine’s Day is approaching and everybody wants to show their romantic side. This year, you can brighten up your living room or dining table with beautiful romantic centerpieces. Flowers, water and candles make the perfect combination without costing you much. Moreover, there are numerous ways to display these and your partner will really appreciate the effort you put into making these centerpieces.


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    Take a simple glass vase (it can be a fish bowl as well) and put some colorful beads or cracked glass inside. The beads should fill up till the top of the vase with only around 3 inches space from the top. Now fill the vase with water and cut the stems of the roses so that they are at least 1 inch longer than the vase. When you place these roses inside the vase, the rim will be fully covered by the flowers. Red tulips or roses will look great for this arrangement and brighten up your table or room.


    flowers in a fish bowl
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    Take a simple Bundt cake pan and make sure its hole is big enough to fit a thick candle. Put the pan on your table. Cover the bottom of the pan with floral foam. Take some different colored roses and cut them long enough to cover the top of the pan. Water should be filled to 3 quarter height and some green leaves should be added to complement the flowers.


    flowers with candles
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    Take an empty paint can and wrap a bright colored paper around it. The paper can have red stripes or can be pink to go with the Valentine theme. Now take some white roses, pink lilies and some green leaves and arrange them in the can. The same arrangement can also be made beautifully in a tea pot or your favorite bowl to give it a more personal and homely feel.

    flowers in teapot
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    If you plan to have a cocktail party this valentine’s day, make the table appealing for your guests. Take a long rectangular vase and fill it with water until it is half filled. Now take some orchards or roses with long stems and place them inside the vase. The flowers should be a little shorter than the vase so they can float freely inside.


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    If you are short of money, just take a few empty glass bottles and fill them with water. Pick your favorite colored roses and place one in each bottle before arranging them on the table. If there are any labels on these bottles, make sure you submerge them in warm water for a while before peeling the labels off.

    rose in glass bottle

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