Valentine’s Party Game Ideas for Couples

On Valentine’s Day, you can make your day special by adding spice of your naughty thoughts and ideas. You can rock Valentine’s Day parties by adding twist of exciting and surprising fun games. A game not only makes you feel good but it can also be a source of information provider about your special persons, his/her activeness, smartness, general knowledge, time management skills and confidence. You can gain information by playing games and having fun with your special person. Games can be played in the form of couple groups having fun together and getting real excitement out from the day. If you are interested to arrange Valentine’s Day games then you can get many ideas after going through this article.


  • 1

    Pinging Balloons:

    It feels great to ping a balloon. In this game couples are provided many Valentine’s Day themed balloons to ping in short time period. Who ping more balloons would be winner of the game.

  • 2

    Pocket Game:

    For games you would definitely need a third person for judgment and role assignment. Jury asks from girl to tell all possible things in his special boy’s pocket. He may have surprise gift in his pocket for the lady.

  • 3

    Gift searching:

    This is one of the exciting games you can play on Valentine’s Day. In this game you hide your special Valentine’s Day gift and ask your partner to search it out within limited time.

  • 4

    Songs dedication:

    You can play this game with your partner by asking him/her to dedicate any song on TV channel or at radio station within limited time. Whoever dedicated song first would be considered as winner.

  • 5

    Playing cards:

    If you are celebrating your Valentine’s Day at your home just you and your partner, you can play cards putting your partmer into a mental excercise and then surprising by, a gentle kiss on the ear while saying "Happy Valentine's Day".

  • 6

    Light the Candles:

    It’s really a fun game. You have to arrange many candles on the floor and would allowed to use only one match stick to light them with in 1 minute, whoever would light more candles would be winner.

  • 7

    Strawberry pickup:

    In this game you have to pick strawberry with the help of two needles. Its rule is needle shouldn’t pierce into strawberry during pick. Winning announcement would make on number of collective strawberries in basket.

  • 8

    Sort bangles:

    In this game couples are provided huge mixed bangle basket. Each couple has to sort same colored and same designed bangles within given time.

  • 9

    Famous couple’s name:

    To play this game you need to have enough knowledge about famous couples in order to write maximum names of couples.

  • 10

    Mix and match:

    You would be given mixed male and female item collectively in same quantity. You have to put a good combination of items including hats, shoes, dresses and other accessories in order to make a perfect match for male or female participant. your host may ask you to dress up a couple by using those item within 20 minutes.

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