Ideas for Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to throw a great party for your loved ones. February 14 is a day to celebrate love and to cherish the close relationships you have. There can be several different themes for a Valentine’s Day party, but you need to keep your guests in mind before selecting one. If you are inviting families for instance, you will need to cater to children as well.

Moreover, organizing a Valentine’s Day party requires proper budget planning and activities that will keep your guests engaged. This article contains some very simple and innovative ideas, which will help you host an unforgettable Valentine’s Day party and to win appreciation from your loved ones.


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    Plan your Valentine's Day Party at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance, as this special occasion requires proper panning. If you keep things pending until the last week, you might not be able to wrap up all arrangements or confirm your guests' attendance.

    Valentine's Day pre-pnanning
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    Select the theme for the Valentine’s Day Party

    Selection of the theme of your Valentine’s Day is another important task. Keep the Valentine’s Day colours in mind and choose decorations which are appropriate considering the composition of your guests.

    themes for Valentine’s Day Party
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    Select a Dress code for Valentine’s Day Party

    You should also select a dress code for your Valentine’s Day party. Red dresses for females and a black jacket with a red shirt for males is a traditional dress code for a Valentine’s Day party. However, you can think out of the box and can ask your guests to dress like different movie characters or celebrities.

    Dress Code for Valentine's Day
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    Design Valentine’s Day Invitation cards

    Make customised Valentines’ Day invitation cards in order to let your guests know about your party. You can easily design Valentine’s Day invitation cards on your personal computer and simply print them. In addition to that, pick up red, pink or white construction papers, cut them into different designs and write invitation messages along with the timings and venue of the party. American greetings’ website has a few really nice invitation cards which are easy to customise and are printable as well. Make sure to send or post your Valentine’s Day party invitations at least two weeks prior to February 14. Do not forget to let your guests know about the theme or the dress code of your party.

    Valentine’s Day Invitations
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    Decorations for Valentine’s Day Party

    Decoration is a very vital part of a Valentine’s Day party. You can use the traditional Valentine’s Day colors like red, pink and white to decorate your party area. However, you can use other colours to make your party more colourful and full of life. Use flowers, roses, candles and balloons where you can fit them.  You can also ask any of your local event management companies to organise your Valentine’s Day party.

    Valentine’s Day Decorations
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    Plan Valentine’s Day Menu

    One of the most important things at your Valentine’s Day party is the menu. Plan your Valentine’s Day menu according to the taste of your guests. You can add sundaes, cocktails, desserts, sandwiches and other food items according to the theme of the occasion. If you are not good with cooking or if you think that you cannot cook food in a large quantity, then it is better to hire any of your local caterers. However, do not forget to book your caterer in time in order to avoid last moment issues. In case you have a limited budget, keep the menu simple and add just appetizers and sweet treats.

    Valentine's Day Party Menu
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    Plan some Valentine’s Day Activities

    You can organise some Valentine’s Day Activities to make your party more memorable and fun for your guests. Guess how much Love is in the Jar, Heart Hunt, couple dance and Steal my Heart are some enjoyable Valentine’s Day games for adults. Games, poems, pass the parcel, musical chair etc are a few of the Valentine’s Day activities for kids. You can also provide the usual card and board games for those who wish to play them.

    Valentine’s Day Activities

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