Handmade Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Children

Valentine’s Day is a very special occasion to tell your children how much they mean to you. Making homemade Valentine’s Day gifts for children is really interesting and fun. You do not require any artistic skills or mind for making homemade gifts for your children. You can design the gift by keeping the personality and taste of your children in mind. Homemade gifts are more valuable than any other ready-made items as it shows your involvement and love for your children. Try to make something simple and unique this Valentine’s Day, we hope your children will love it. In case if nothing interesting comes to your mind for homemade gifts then do not despair and follow the given below Step by Step Handmade Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Children:


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    Handmade colouring book

    Gifting a handmade colouring book sounds like the perfect idea to impress your children. Go online and search free printable colouring pages for children. Select the pages according to the age and interest of your children, download them and print them on multi colour pages. Arrange the colouring pages in a proper sequence and bind them together with stapler or a binder. Your handmade colouring book is ready present it a big box of crayons. Find out details How to Download Valentine’s Day Colouring Book.

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    Candy Jar

    Get advantage of the extra glass jars in your home and convert it into a nicely decorated candy jar for your children.  Wash the glass jar with a steel wool in order to remove the label on it. Dry your jar with a cloth or a tissue paper. Now decorate the exterior part of your glass jar with the help of stickers, ribbons, paints, glitters, and markers. Set the glass aside at room temperature for half an hour to an hour or until dry to the touch. Meanwhile, use the same glitters, stickers, ribbons, paints and markers to decorate the lid of the jar. Now, leave the lid of the jar until dry. Fill the jar with different candies and chocolates and present it to your children. If you want to decorate your candy jar with a Valentine’s Day themed cloth, check out How to Make Valentine’s Day Candy Jar for Children.

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    Valentine’s Day Handmade Card

    Valentine’s Day cards are famous among children of all age group. Check out How to Make a Valentine’s Day Card for Children.

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