Valentine’s Ideas for a Wife

Planning to give her a chocolate box again? How thoughtful of you! If you want to make things special for your wife, you need to think outside the chocolate box. Here is a list of gifts that will most definitely brighten up her Valentine’s Day.


  • 1

    Write Her a Poem

    This is probably the cutest idea. If you aren’t much of a singer or a poet, then this will definitely be a surprise for her. It’s always easier to whip out a credit card to pay for those expensive gifts, but such things matter a lot. If you are not much of a singer, it’s time to clear your throat to sing a song for her. You can always take her to a karaoke bar and surprise her there with the song you wrote for her.

  • 2

    Restaurant Readiness

    It does not matter where you take her on the day, but what does matter is the fact that you do. Valentine’s Day is important to many lovers and you need to get your reservations before they do. Find out about a restaurant where she would love to eat and take her there. You need to work in advance for this surprise.

  • 3

    Re-Enact the First Date

    If you believe the old spirit of love has died amongst the two of you, perhaps it’s time to give it a little boost so that it can get a bit re-energized. How? This Valentine’s Day take her out to a place where the two of you had your first date. Even if it is the cheapest place in the city, you can always bring back fond memories from it. Don’t forget to redo whatever you did that day as well.

  • 4

    Traditional Flowers

    Several people believe that flowers are losing their touch; think again! Giving a bouquet of red roses is as good as buying her a gift from Victoria’s Secret. Certain women simply love a bunch of flowers and in case you are planning to give her a bouquet on this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to add her favourite colours and flowers.

  • 5

    Cook for Her

    If your reputation is of a lazy person, this gift will probably blow her mind. Get in the kitchen, wear that apron and start cooking. Don’t worry about how it will taste, what matters is the fact that you care about her. Always appear interested in all the questions she asks you after this. What’s better than spending time with a lovely wife on Valentine’s Day?

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