How to Plan a Valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s Day is undeniably one of the most popular days for couples. For those in love, it is a perfect excuse to spend time together and celebrate their relationship in a memorable way. Even if you and your partner are happily in love, you can surprise him/her and make it a special day by arranging a simple and heart-touching date. If you really want the upcoming Valentine’s Day to be a memorable experience for you and your partner, you will need a little creativity and some effort.


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    Think of a new place to visit

    Select a new and romantic place for your date. Do not forget Valentine’s Day is a golden chance to show your love towards your partner or a crush. Hence, it is generally a good idea to consider going that extra mile to make your date special.

  • 2

    Make reservations in time

    Make your reservations before asking your partner for a date in order to avoid last minute embarrassment and cancellations. Usually you cannot find a reservation on the day itself, so its better to be prepared well before time.

  • 3

    Ask your partner for a date

    You should not ask your partner for a date with just two or three days to go in Valentine’s Day. It is better to ask him or her at least 10 days before Valentine's so that he/she can also make plans accordingly.

  • 4

    Re-confirm your reservation

    Make a call on February 13 to confirm your reservation and timings to make sure everything goes smoothly on the big day.

  • 5

    Express your feelings

    Take full advantage of the special day and express your feelings towards your partner. If there is any confusion or misunderstanding in your relationship, it is an excellent opportunity for you to clear it up as well. However, remember that the date is not all about you making your point but is about the two of you having a memorable time.

  • 6

    Give him/her a gift in the end

    End the evening with a special gift for your Valentine. If it is your first date, you can simply present him or her with something that can be kept as a memento. It can be a single red rose, a small box of chocolates or a simple lighthearted card.

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