How to Spend Valentine’s Day with Family

Valentine’s Day is the day associated with lovers and it is celebrated on 14th of February every year. What if someone is single? And they don’t have any lover, what should they do? Being single is not a shame or it does not mean that you do not have any one to love. If you look around yourself, you have got your siblings, you parents or if you are parent you have your children with you. Don’t you love them all? Yes you do, and then you have to celebrate this day with all of these loved ones. In this step by step guide I will tell you some ideas to spend the Valentine’s Day with your family and you will love to be with them.


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    Make Cards: Buy some color markers, glitters, glue, thick chart sheets and stickers and then sit together with all of your family members to make greeting cards for your friends and family. Everyone can participate in this job and it is fun to make cards of different designs.

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    Prepare Valentine’s Day Food: There are number of dishes and recipes specially designed for Valentine’s Day. Try to cook special meals and heart shaped cookies for your family members. Garnish your food with love fruits such as strawberries and cherry. Be sure to check out these recipes for Valentine's Day Desserts too.

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    Share Your Stories: Another best thing to do on Valentine’s Day is to share your previous experiences of Valentine’s Day with your family. Tell them how different those days were as compared to this one. Share other stories of your life with your family members.

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    Play some Games: Playing games together is great fun. The game which I will suggest you to play is scavenger hunt. In this game you would have to prepare a list of items and then you hide these items to places around you and you can also mention some clues. You give the list to all of the players and then the one who finds more items on the list is the winner. You can also introduce some prizes for the winner.

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    Watch classic Movies: Watching movies with family is real a fun all the time. Watching some latest movie in cinema is no doubt a great choice, but if you want to spend more quality time with your family and want to stay private on the day, the best way is to set up a quick home cinema environment and watch some great movies of all time. Here’re some suggestions:

    a: UP
    b: Zookeeper
    c: Gnomio & the Juliet
    d: The Last Action Hero
    e: Tangled
    f: Rio
    g: Animals United

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    Plan an Outing: Valentine's Day is about spending time with your special ones, and when it’s your family, there can be some more fun in planning a trip outside the city or just a dine out can make it more special!

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