Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

When love is in the air on a day like Valentine’s, all of us want to make our loved ones feel special and valued, and different people have different ways of doing that.

Some hire private limos to take their partners on a ride with a mini bar full of champagne, while others prefer a stroll in the park, hand in hand. If you’re looking for inexpensive date ideas to make Valentine’s Day as special as possible, look no further! This article will list down 10 simple, reasonably priced Valentine’s Day date ideas that are sure to make the day memorable for you and your partner.


  • 1

    Breakfast in bed

    While this isn't technically a date, it is one of the best way to make your partner’s Valentine’s Day start in a special way.

    Make sure you wake up before him/her, prepare breakfast and then gently wake him/her to a breakfast in bed with a steaming hot mug of coffee to jump-start their morning.

  • 2


    Another great way to relax your partner’s mind and body. This can be done right after the breakfast to loosen up for the remaining day that is planned or to unwind after a tiring, exhausting night.

  • 3

    Cycling or Hiking

    Nothing like a healthy activity to bring two people closer on Valentine’s Day. Make sure you take a backpack and some snacks with you and enjoy a bike ride or a hike with your partner.

    After the ride you can find a secluded spot that is green and serene, sit down and chat while eating a nice lunch.

  • 4

    Open air Theatres

    A great idea for a Valentine's Day date. Open air theatres have reasonably priced tickets, especially if the plays are being held in public parks. Log on to the internet and find out what’s going on in your locality in case you’ve missed local advertisements and book two tickets for a memorable evening.

  • 5

    Bookstore browsing

    If you and your partner share a passion for reading, a visit to your favorite bookstore can be a great idea. Book lovers can vouch for the fact that shopping for good books is as stimulating as reading them.

    Later, both of you can cuddle together and read the books together which will give you another opportunity to spend some quality time.

  • 6

    Decorating your place

    The two of you can go shopping for decoration pieces and items which you can fit into your interior decor. Doing this together will be tons of fun and any money you spend would be worth the makeover your place will get.

  • 7

    Cooking together

    Set up a candle lit table for two by getting your best crockery out and once you and your partner have prepared the meal, invite each other for a date with home-cooked food that is not only healthy but prepared by the two of you together.

  • 8

    Play poker

    Make use of that pack of cards that has been lying untouched for ages. Light up a fire and sit around it while you two play. This is the most inexpensive idea that you can practically implement on a Valentine’s Day while serving the purpose of improving the chemistry you two share.

    Moreover, poker will also give you the chance to make creative bets and have a lot of fun together.

  • 9

    Volunteer for a cause

    If the two of you enjoy social work, volunteering for a cause will not only allow you to bond but also make you you feel better about doing something for those in need, while everyone else was celebrating Valentine’s Day, attending parties and spending money.

  • 10


    There is nothing like laying under the night sky and watching those twinkling stars with your loved one by your side. It won't cost you a cent, but the time you spend and the bond you strengthen will be invaluable.

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