How to Make Valentine Barrettes

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year in the memory of Saint Valentine on the February 14th. Though, it is particularly meant for the loved ones who express their compassion towards each other. However, in the past few years, it has been celebrated by almost all the people around the world who are related to each other by any means. People give gifts, flowers and greeting cards to one another to express their love and care.

You can make your Valentine’s Day special by making personalised barrettes for the special girl in your life. All you need is a little time and few materials to make customised barrettes.

Things Required:
– Red, pink and white ribbon
– Hot glue gun
– Chopsticks or wooden skewers
– Small metal alligator hair clips
– Small metal barrettes
– Metal  Red and white plastic hearts
– Red, white or pink small pom poms
– Fabric Stiffener


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    First of all, you have to choose your craft items. You can look for the items in your house or you can go to a craft store to buy ribbons and other materials which will be needed to create barrettes. You should buy red or pink gemstones and fabric ribbon which matches with the gemstones. In addition, you need to buy small fuzzy pom poms and fabric stiffener. You can also buy valentine-themed Cupids.

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    After gathering all the materials, you have to start making your valentine barrettes. Go to an open and clean place. It is better to make it in daylight, but if it is night you can move to room in which there are plenty of lights so that you can see easily. Take a table and cover it with a newspaper or any apparel. Then, place everything on a table. Start winding the ribbon with the help of chopsticks and wooden skewers. After winding, place it on the table to dry (the glue will take a little time to stick it together).

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    Take your hot glue gun and affix the pom poms and other shapes to the plain barrettes in a prudent way so that they may look nice. Now, place the metal clip on the barrettes which will be used by your girl to hold her hair in the barrettes.

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    Your valentine barrettes are ready to be given as a gift to your girl.

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