How to Write a Valentine’s Day Poem That Rhymes

Writing down a poem for your loved one is a unique way to express your feelings and surprise your partner with something other than flowers and chocolates. Moreover, it’s not as difficult as you might think to make up a cute little poem for your Valentine. While some love poems don’t rhyme, it is better if you look for words which do. This will make your poem sound cute and the other person is definitely going to feel special. Flowers, candy and other gifts might be too common these days, but writing a poem requires time and effort and in return you will receive appreciation for sure. Here is how you can write a poem for your Valentine.


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    First of all, choose your Valentine. Whether that person lives close to you, lives far away or is someone who you have been in relationship with for a long time. You need to take all information down regarding him/her. Jot down all the points which might be necessary for later use.

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    You can write down a poem by changing the already existing Valentine’s Day poems to your liking. For instance, the most famous “Roses are red, violets are blue” verse can be changed to “Grass is green, Daffodils are yellow” or anything which you believe might suit your writing style. An example could be:

    “Grass is green, Daffodils are yellow;
    Since the last eight years, you have been my fellow.”

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    If you cannot bring a change in an old poem, you can always write a new one. However, in this case you will have to start from scratch. Moreover, you will also have to find the correct rhyme. It does sound hard, but in all honesty it isn’t. If you have a few days left for Valentine’s Day, you can easily make up your own poem in no time. An example could be:

    “In red you look so pretty, your face changes my day;
    In the morning when I see you, I run out of words to say”

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    Make sure that you stick to the same theme throughout the poem. This means that you can’t pick and choose topics on the go. If you are talking about his/her face, then try not to divert from the topic. In order to avoid this mistake, try to look for rhyming words which will help you stay under one umbrella.

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    There is never a word limit for any Valentine’s Day poem. You can decide your own length. If you are going strong, then keep writing as many lines as you want. However, for newer relationships, opt for shorter versions. If you sound too obsessed with the other person, you might scare them away.

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    Even if you are not poetically perfect, try to be as genuine as you can. Pour your heart out and express yourself in the most perfect way possible. It would be unreal for him/her to believe that they have changed your life if you have been partying around already. Be honest, real and genuine. For example:

    “You took over me when I saw you, I didn’t want to see another face;
    When we spoke to each other I thanked God, because you blessed me with your grace.”

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    Lastly, remember that rhyming isn’t the only way through which you may express your feelings. It does sound cute when your poems rhyme, but at times not rhyming can get you through to someone just the way you want to.

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