Things to do on Valentines Day with Friends

Valentine’s Day is not just about love and happiness as some people think it is. For people who are single and are without a date on this day, Valentine’s Day can be  a bit agonizing. People often suffer from depression wondering why they don’t have a date on this very special day unlike other people.

However, there is no need to get depressed and get under the pressure of Valentine’s Day. No need to worry over the fact that you are single while other people are having fun. Who said that Valentine’s Day is only for couples? You can make this day your very own by doing some simple stuff. All you need is sincere advice and friends who are as single as you.


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    While the world is busy out there having fun with their lovers, you are sitting inside a room thinking of a way to get through all of it. But you can make this day awesome by hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day dinner at your place.

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    You can make it easy by calling all of your single friends and the deal is that each person will bring one edible thing to the dinner. This way you won’t have to pay for all the food and you will get the title of host of the party as well. Make sure that all of your friends arrive at your place at same time and let the party begin.

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    Open up a bottle of wine and turn on some fun music. You need to keep this in mind that it is an anti-Valentine’s Day dinner, so you cannot play romantic music at the dinner.

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    You can make your Valentine’s Day amazing by making it a game night. If you are a gaming freak and all your friends love to spend their time in front of play station for hours, you are in for a treat. Call all your single friends and join up as many consoles as possible at your place.

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    Ask each friend to bring some light snacks or drinks with them. Make your night a party night and it would be a good idea to arrange a tournament on the Valentine’s Day.

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    If you are good at some game, you can challenge your friends to it. Make yourself comfortable and challenge anyone who you think can play. Let the bottles open and make this day your very own.

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    You can play truth and dare with the loser of the game drinking beer. This will make things more interesting.

  • 8

    You can play poker with your buddies. All you need is a deck of cards, some drinks and chips and fun loving friends.

  • 9

    Plan an indoor competition game between girls and boys to spice up the atmosphere. You won’t regret being single on the Valentine’s Day.

  • 10

    Talk about your ex boyfriend or girlfriend and make a list why your single life is better than the rest. Compare it with your friends and see who comes up with the best answers.

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