How to Make a Beaded Heart for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most widely celebrated days and occasions in accordance with the ones who we love. On these days, people exchange a lot of gifts and different gestures of goodwill. The best thing that is associated to a Valentine’s Day is the heart. A heart is seen as the symbol of love and affection towards the partner and it is considered as a compulsory for the occasion that means so much to the people. Hearts are distributed in many shapes and ideas on this day and the beaded heart is one of these types. It is a locket in the shape of a heart and has been embodied with beads all over it to make it appear aesthetically pleasing. Beaded hearts can be purchased as well but due to the importance of the occasion, the prices of these kinds of gifts reach a sky high level and it may well escape the budget conditions of several lovers. Hence, the prospect of making a beaded heart all by you appears to be a very practical one and if the task is achieved, the financial terms can be satisfied. The process is quite a simple one and does not require a great deal of skill in particular, but can be done by any person who has the will to make and prepare a beautiful gift for his/her lover. This article will help one through the task and particular care must be taken in the order of steps that are to be followed.


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    The first thing required for making a beaded heart is to get the types of beads that you want to embody the heart with. Varieties of these beads are available in the market and stores that deal in gifts and fancy stuff. Just go to the market, look for the store and choose the most appropriate beads type.

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    After purchasing these beads, get a thread on which the beads have to be installed. The thread should go by the colour of the beads so that the sense of colour is not destroyed.

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    Now the beads must be sorted out and a fine pin that serves the purpose of sewing is to be used to cast the beads in the thread.

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    Once the beads have been threaded, you have to give the thread the shape of a heart. For this you require 2 clips. These clips are to be purchased from any super store as well.

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    Now just fix the clips into the thread. One clip is to be placed and clips the bottom of the heart, where as the other will be placed at the middle of the top of the thread. Once these get fastened, the thread automatically takes the shape of a heart and your beaded heart is ready.

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